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Never a Man Spake
John 7:46

Intro: Jesus had been speaking in Jerusalem

-He had caused quite stir. John 7:37-44

-Some believed vs.41 (this is the Christ)

-Some doubted. (It canít be) vs 41-42

-Some wanted Him dead. Vs 43

-There was great division among the people.

-The Pharisees had send down some officers to take Jesus.Vs 31-32

-They returned with the answer Ė vs 45-46

-Never a Man spake like this man.

-I have often wondered what it would be like to hear
Jesus audibly speak.

--Sermon on the Mount

--John 12-16 in the upper room

--John 17 The Lordís prayer.

--The same voice that spoke the world into existence.

--Would have voice have been soft, loud, gentile, BASS

--One day we will hearÖ.

-These men had heard and their lives had been changed.

-We do know that when Jesus Spoke.

1. He spoke boldly. John 7:26

-He spoke without fear.

-He was not concerned with what people thought about

-He spoke the truth

-He was not concerned with the critics.

-He was not concerned with the connivers (Pharisees).

-He was not concerned with the consequences.

2. He spoke with Authority. Mathew 7:26-19

-He is the Creator

-The authority of His voice was recognized.

-He taught as though he knew what he was talking

--He didnít learn it from books

--He didnít learn it at the university.

--He was all knowing and all wise.

-He had the authority to teach His own doctrines.

3. He spoke with power.

-What Jesus spoke things happened.

--Mark 2:1-12

--John 11 Ė raising of Lazarus.

-The sound of His voice had power.

--Power to heal.

--Power to comfort. (John 14)

--Power to raise the dead.

5. He spoke with simplicity. Mark 4:26-33

-Jesus often spoke in parables.

--ďAn earthly story with a heavenly meaningĒ

-He spoke in the language of the people.

-He spoke in the culture of the people

-He used things around Him.

--The sower. Luke 8:5-8

--Many of the parables are hard for us to understand
because we cannot see the object lesson that Jesus was

-As they were able to hear itÖas they were able to

-Jesus knew how to make it plain.

5. He spoke with grace. Luke 4:22

-They wondered at the gracious words.

-He speaks graceÖ

Conclusions: We may not be able to hear the audible voice of JesusÖbut he did say that we could hear His voice.

We hear his voice as he speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.

John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
(28)And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

We hear His voice as he speaks to us in His word.

Have you heard His voice?

Have you heard His voice TODAY?!