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Introductory Considerations

1. The situation had gotten out of hand. Something had to be done about it.

2. Last week we saw how sin entered into the world - how there would now be a struggle between Godís chosen people and those who belonged to the evil one, how all are subject to judgement but how Godís grace was even seen in His judgement, how despite pain, children would continue to be born and despite thorns and thistles, the land would continue to bear forth food.


1. God decided not to destroy mankind even though He had every right to do so, but now as He looked down on creation, he must have wondered if He had made a mistake. (Gen 6:5)

2. Problem not that man sinned every so often, but evil had saturated His heart so much that EVERY inclination of the heart - every thought, attitude - was evil not once in a while but ALL OF THE TIME


1. God was grieved, His heart was filled with pain. God almighty, the Creator had a broken heart. He had committed Himself to His creation, He simply asked them to trust and obey Him, to let Him be their God and bestow His blessings upon them, to be in the relationship He had established by His covenant - as we saw - both before and after the fall.

2. But they rejected His love and His grace - they wanted nothing to do with it


3. And so God thought about what He would do. With His power, He need but saw the word, and all mankind and creation could be wiped from the face of the earth. And it seems He nearly did that very thing.


1. Today we continue to look at Godís relationship with us and as we do we look at one of the greatest events that has ever taken place on this earth.

2. Story of preacher announcing sermon - glue pages together - some things are still hard to believe.

3. find the story of the flood hard to believe, do you? Not because of the flood itself - as some do, but I find it hard to believe because of what it teaches us about God. I find it hard to believe how it shows the great extent of Godís grace in His relationship with us.

4. The story of the flood is a story of Godís judgement on sin, but that is not the main story. Illustration - PBS - about Genesis. Story of flood is the story of grace, Godís continued commitment to our relationship. God brings judgement upon the earth but He knows that judgement will not affect manís sinning

a. Before the flood, as we said, God said that man was totally evil and after the flood man still is. (Gen 8:21) The flood has not changed the state of manís heart - the answer to manís problem is not found in judgement but in grace. In fact God makes a wonderful promise despite knowing that we will be wicked anyway.

b. God sparing Noah is a matter of grace. Gen 6:8 says Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord. Word for favour can be translated as grace. We are told in vs. 9 that Noah was righteous and blameless, but - that is not reason he was spared. Clear break