"No Cross No Crown"
James 1:1-12
(personal introduction)

Introduction- vs.1

1. James knows his position - servant
2. James recognize in-order to get the father he had to grow through Jesus
3. James address his reader - 12 tribes / descendants of Israel

Body- vs.2

1. James tells us we going to have trouble - "When ye fall"
2. James tell us to have Joy in the mist of our troubles - (differences between joy & happiness)
3. James shows us the purpose of trouble - (allows us to see who God is)
4. Trouble also teaches us patience

Closing- vs.12

When we who love God endure trouble we will receive a crown!

Four Types of Crowns
1. Crown of Thorns- John 19:15
2. Crown of Righteousness - 2 Timothy 4:8
3. Crown of Everlasting - 1 Corinthians 9:25
4. Crown of Life - James 1:12

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