No Rubber Crutch John 17:14-17
INTRO.: In times of testing, we all need a crutch. A place of last resort. I recommend the Bible. Your test may be health crisis (Cancer), tragic accident. loss of job or business, divorce after many years.
Sometimes you really need some help that no man can give. You need a crutch. Where do you go for help, guidance, encouragement?
I. What exactly is this crutch? This Bible. It is not called The Bible in The Bible.
A. Jesus on the Emmaus Rd. Luke 24:
1. v. 27. Jesus read through the Old Testament and it is called the Scriptures. Disciples used the same word in v. 32
2. Greek is graphe, things written. The sacred writings.
3. God did not merely think or speak His message. He had it written.
B. Jesusí mentions it in His longest recorded prayer. John 17:15-17
1. "Thy Word is Truth." Jesus expresses an absolute.
2. This is truth that will always be truth. It will never change or turn sour. You will never be misled. In every decision there are many things to consider but Godís Word is final authority. You will go wrong if you violate it.
3. The world says everyone must make their own choices as to what is best for them. How shall we make this choice if we have no source of reliable truth? Find Truth in the Bible.
C. I Thess. 2:13; Readers recognized Paul spoke Godís message.
1. He says, "The message I brought you came directly from the Creator and Sustainer of the universe."
2. This is an awesome thought. When you look at the type on the page, you are reading Godís message.
D. I Pet. 1:22-25
1. Only two eternal entities: people and Godís Word.
2. All the things we love and accumulate will one day be burned on the biggest bonfire ever seen.
3. But not Godís Book. It will abide forever.
II. Is this book accurate and free of errors?
A. If it is Godís Word, then it is free from error and it is to be trusted:
1. So the critical issue is whether or not it is inspired by God.
2. There is a great body of evidence that the Bible is inspired.
3. But, in the end, this is something Christians accept by faith even though we can bolster our faith with volumes of evidence.
B. There is help in this area in II Tim. 3:14-16
1. All Scripture (sacred writings) is breathed out by God. The "breathe" or Spirit of God gave the message.
2. For that reason it is useful for all the mentioned uses.
3. It is able to make us wise for salvation.
4. This is because it is the Scripture that points us to Christ and tells us how He expects us to live.
C. The process of inspiration is somewhat mysterious.
1. We usually think God dictated His Word. If I dictate a letter or book, my secretary must use my exact words and ideas. Her personality would not show through the writings. The Bible is not like that. Every writerís personality and circumstances show through.
2. We get a clue in II Pet. 1:20-21. Where Peter writes about the source of prophecy.
3. No prophecy is any one