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belong to God.

The things that are Godís is returned to God Ė tithing. Can be resolved if we have surrendered our heart to the Lord.

The money doesnít belong to you, but the Lord and you will handle money differently if you understand this truth.

II Cor. 8:2,5

Macedonia church gave out of their poverty; they have a generous spirit to give.

If we give ourselves to God Ė then God has our money. The will of God in this matter of money will be an issue.

Once your heart is settled, you will only serve one.

The state of our inner being is where we can make the right choices. Our heart must be right with God.

Mark 10:21-24

His heart was not right. He did not have clear direction.

Mark 12:18

They ask Jesus guidance on:
a. Finances
b. Marriage
v. 27 (also see Luke 20:38 -- Ö for all who live to Him)

Romans 14:7-10

Our soul purpose of life is to live for God.

If we are living for the Lord, we know the answer.

We are married to the Lord.

V. 27 Ė The moment we settle the issue of Jesus in our heart, the discerning of Godís will is clear.

Why is the heart such a crucial matter in discerning Godís will for your life?

Because you donít have wisdom without it to guide you.

Job 36:35

Wisdom Ė ďlebĒ Ė heart

God is mighty and have the heart kind of wisdom.

Proverbs 11:12

Godís wisdom cannot function in a wrong heart. The wisdom is of the heart.

The foundation of all guidance lies in the condition of the heat.

Right heart Ė right wisdom.

Wisdom from God cannot be deposited in a wrong heart.

Prerequisite to know will of God lies in having right kind of heart.

Psalm 51:6-7

How do we have the right kind of heart (v. 7).

Only when a heart is clean by blood can the will of God or wisdom of God be deposited.

Jeremiah said 18 times God refers to wrong condition of heart.

Uncircumcised heart
Evil heart

They were misdirected because of an unclean heart.

I Kings 15:5

You must do right in your heart.

I Kings 3:16

Once you understand the heart must be clean, you do not need a spectacular leading to understand the will of God or divine guidance in any situation.

Your own heart will have the answer because it is clean.

Col. 2:2

We must also pay attention to the tone of the heart.

Job 30:27-31
Mourn v. 28 (heart was depressed)
v. 31

Isaiah 16:11 The inner part (heart) can be like a heart.

When the heart is not in tune, we cannot properly discern the will.

Even in physical, if something is wrong in our heat, it has a murmur or does not beat properly.

When we have the song of the Lord in our heart, we are able to discern the leading of the Lord. That is why worship is so important to get our heart in tune.

Once our heart is in the right condition, then we are ready to follow the promptings or leading of the Holy Spirit.

One way to discern the leading of the Lord is by the desire of our heart!

Mark 11:24 Ė desire brings about