Obadiah - The Judgment Of Edom (1:1-21)


1. The next book of the "The Minor Prophets" we shall consider is Obadiah, whose book is the shortest of all books in the Old Testament

2. His name means "Servant of Yahweh (Jehovah)", and was quite
a. Thirteen different people are called by this name in the Old
b. One Jewish tradition identifies him as the one who was Ahabís
1) Who hid 100 prophets from Jezebel, Ahabís wife - 1Ki 18:3-4
2) Who feared the Lord from his youth - 1Ki 18:12
c. He may have also been...
1) The Obadiah sent by Jehoshaphat to teach the law in Judah
- 2Ch 17:7
2) The Obadiah who was one of the overseers in repairing the
temple under Josiah - 2Ch 34:12
-- Whoever this Obadiah was, his message contains valuable lessons
for us today

[Before looking at the book itself, letís consider some...]


1. Two dates are often proposed: 845 B.C. and 586 B.C.
2. The prophet refers to an attack on Jerusalem; commentators
offer these two possibilities:
a. The days of Jehoram (848-844 B.C.), when Philistines and
Arabians attacked the city - 2Ch 21:8-10,16-17
b. The destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians (586 B.C.)
3. The internal evidence appears to support the early date of
845 B.C. (Keil, Hailey)
a. The language of Obadiah is much different from Jeremiah
b. There is no mention of the destruction of the temple, the
deportation to Babylon, the remnant who went to Egypt
-- I accept the early date, that it was around 845 B.C.

1. The fall of Edom
a. Because of its pride
b. And its cruelty against Israel, their cousins
2. The exaltation of Zion
a. When Seir, the Edomite counterpart of Zion, will be cast
b. The rescued of Israel will be in Zion, for in it the
redeemed shall be found
-- For this reason I have subtitled this lesson as "The Judgment
Of Edom"

1. The people of Edom descended from Esau, Jacobís twin brother
2. There was sibling rivalry between Edom and Israel, found first
in Esau and Jacob
a. The twins struggled in their motherís womb - Gen 25:22-26
b. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob - Gen 25:27-34
c. Jacob stole Esauís blessing as the firstborn - Gen 27
3. While Jacob and Esau eventually reconciled (Gen 32-33), their
descendants were often at odds with one another
a. In the Exodus, Edom refused Israel passage through their
land - Num 20:14-21
b. Edom was finally subjected by David - 2Sa 8:13-14
c. During the reign of Jehoram, Edom revolted - 2Ki 8:20-22