One person canít do it all (Exodus 18:15-27)

Have you been around someone who came across as being indispensable? From this personsí stance, nothing could be done right if it was not done by him or her.

Despite the fact that they were others capable of assisting, the person from his or her own reasoning simply felt like they did not need any help.

While there are individuals in life with the above mentioned mindset, we clearly know that everyone can use help at some point. It is simply faulty thinking to believe that one individual can handle all issues, problems, or circumstances solely.

This was the mindset that Moses had. He being a competent leader and having the best interest of those under his leadership simply wanted to do his very best in carrying out his responsibility. Prior to changing his leadership style it could be said that
Moses was a dictator who had his hand in everything that went around him.

Again, to his credit, he was doing what he felt he was supposed to be doing. Fortunately for Moses and the people of Israel, he changed his
leadership style after listening to the advice that he was given by his father-in-law Jethro.

After observing how he had been leading the people, Jethro gave Moses an alternative approach to
leading them that would be more efficient and effective.

This passage of scripture epitomizes for me the fact that, ďOne person cannot do it all.Ē Even in trying to do it all Moses as well as the people were wearing themselves out.

Thus, out of respect for what his father-in- law had to say, Moses eventually implemented the new strategy of leadership which proved to be highly effective.

This new model of leadership that Jethro introduced to his son-in-law probably was in place elsewhere but was new to Moses. Yes, people are doing new things all around us and some times we are not able to grasp the significance of it because itís not
what we are accustomed to.

Moses if he chose to could have rejected his father-in-lawís advice and continue to lead the people in the way that he was accustomed but out of respect and good judgment chose to listen to him.

He after being around his father-in-law had earned his respect and knew that he would not tell him to do anything that was not good for he nor the people of Israel.

This passage of scripture says a lot to me. It says that at some point we who are in leadership roles have to have someone who can be honest with us and give us advice regarding our leadership styles. But, it also says that we who are in leadership roles must also be willing to take constructive criticism and utilize it to strengthen our roles as leaders.

This passage of scripture while it relates to oneís leadership role with people of faith could also be used in other avenues of life. No only is this passage of scripture applicable for use in a community of faith, but it is also beneficial in oneís