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of this church for over 25 years and instrumental in our acquiring this property. In his last hours, the sitter who was with Chester saw that he had become agitated, which is common with many who are close the end. She held his hand and was able to calm him as she continuously repeated these words, “You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not alone.” And those are words for us too: “You are not alone..” No matter what you are facing or will face, You are not alone.
Jennifer Ross tells the story of her little brother who was born mentally challenged. She was now 39 but when she was a little girl, she would walk by her brother’s room and he would be praying. He always displayed enormous trust in God. And then in the midst of his prayer, he would stop and ask, “God, are you there?” And then he would answer his own question by saying, “Oh, yeah God, you’re under the bed.” He was content all of his life in knowing that God was under the bed. And then she said, I have a lot of questions and doubts in my mind. But I have a feeling that when we get to the end of life, we’re going to meet God face to face and then we’ll realize is that Kevin had it right all along. Such a simple trusting faith and God was right there with us under her bed all the time. Not just under your bed but next to you and wherever you go, God’s presence is there.” He is our father who is in heaven and what makes it heaven is God’s presence. Heaven is everywhere.
Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name” which means holy. This is the most important phrase for us today. There are several things this teaches us. The first is balance. The prayer starts off with the wonderful title dad or daddy signifying intimacy, familiarity and closeness. It’s almost so close that we are uncomfortable, which is why we say Father rather than dad. But sometimes we can be too familiar and you forget that God is also holy. In the same breath that we call God dad, we also pray that his name is holy. That’s what it means to hallow God’s name, to call it holy. It’s to revere God and stand in awe of God. On the one hand you have the closeness of God and on the other, the awesome holiness of God. Both of these are important. You need to have both to have balance. If God is just holy then he is far and distant God. If all you have is closeness to God and you don’t have the fear, reverance and awe of God then you are also in danger of taking God for granted in who he is and you lose one of the great catalysts to live holy lives yourself. God is holy. He is to be feared and revered
Second, we are to handle his name with care. What’s in a name? A name is everything in the Bible. It captures the essence of the one who bears that name. So much so, that when someone has a significant life change in the Bible, they change their name. When Jacob wrestles with the