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Outline of the book of Micah


Sermon shared by Robert F Collins

September 2009
Summary: The Court case between God and man
Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist
Audience: Believer adults




Historical Setting

Warning to the people 1:2-2:13
Coming judgment for Israelís rebellion 1:1-7
Call to mourn 1:8-16
The reasons for judgment 2:1-11
They plan their sins, God plans His judment 2:1-5
They reject Godís word and warning 2:6-11
Deliverance 2:12-13

3:1-4,9,11 PRIESTS
Skin, Bribe, Twist Teach only if paid If money - Peace
If no money - War
Not doing justice Not loving loyalty Not walking humbly
Judgment: 3:4
Prayers unheeded
Judgment: 3:12
Temple destroyed Judgment: 3:6,7
Darkness, shame

Warning to the leaders 3:1-5:15
The Coming Judgment 3:1-12
The princes were corrupt 3:1-4
The prophets were corrupt 3:5-8
The Priests were corrupt 3:9-12
The Coming Kingdom 4:
The Coming King 5:2-3

Warning to the earth 6:1-7:14
The reasons for Judgment 6:1-12
The Judgment itself 6:13-16
Micahís Response 7:1-10
Ultimate Deliverance 7:11-20
The Deliverance Described 7:11-13
Godís faithfulness to his covenant demonstrated 7:14-20
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