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Ahaziah had all those same questions. But he was the king, and he wanted answers now. So he sent for his messengers and gave them orders to go seek out the answers he needed. “I don’t want any bad news either.” “If they don’t have the answers I want then find someone else who does”.

Now we all want to know what ‘s going to happen in times of sickness. We go to the doctor to seek his advice; we go to the preacher for prayer to be healed. It’s just human nature to want to know what’s coming; a natural curiosity and it all seemed so harmless.
But we had better be careful of searching for answers in the wrong places.

Recently there have been a large number of programs on TV and stories in the newspapers that describe the Police as calling in psychics to help solve a crime. Sometimes they really seem to help, but does that make it right to consort with them?

King Saul had learned the hard way that he couldn’t consort with witches or psychics either. He went to the Witch of Endor to learn of his future and found out things he wish that he had never heard. God took the kingdom from him and lost his eternal soul by playing with fire.

Now I hear Christians are playing with fire and many of them don’t even know it. One thing that I have read of just recently is a treatment for illness known as Therapeutic Touch. Perhaps you have heard of it.

Therapeutic Touch is a form of treatment that was started by a Dolores Kreiger and Dora Kunz. Mrs. Kunz was the founder of Therapeutic Touch and then president of the Theosophical Society in America, which promotes the occult and mysticism in modern, scientific terminology. According to this society of health professionals, theosophy is defined as an all-inclusive religion based on "wonderful and sublime doctrines that were originally given to mankind on this planet by spiritual beings. (In other words, they were doctrines of devils, given to deceive those who were sick into accepting occult treatments without question.)
The hands of the who is doing the treatment makes "passes" over the patient’s body which assess the flow of “prana”, an occult word for vitality, and the condition of the aura which surrounds you. (Look out, your Aura is showing!). "Illness shows up as weak, cloudy or discolored spot in your aura. Some healers pass their hands over, but do not touch, a patient and detect illness by cold spots in the aura." The absence of physical contact is a common feature: "Most experienced Therapeutic Touch healers don’t really touch at all. They simply move their hands over the body and call it ’laying on of hands’.
Once the passes are completed, the healer just flicks his or her wrist off to the side as if they are throwing off sickness.

The power of Satan is real, and he can and will heal sicknesses if doing so will only drag a soul into a deeper level of deceit. Sometimes these Therapeutic Touch practices do bring a healing, but practicing occult methods to accomplish