Selected Scriptures
There is much confusion today about the subject of holiness/ sanctification/ separation.
Weíve been confused by terms that are not Biblical. Terms like:
☛ second work of grace.
☛ second blessing.
These terms can be confusing Ė whole denominations have been built on these terms. I am not going to argue w/ anyone, but weíre actually dealing with this two distinctly Biblical issues.
Itís not either or Ė itís both/and. Both begin at the moment of salvation. THEY ARE DIFFERENT - but the same. Canít have 1 w/out the other. This isnít true when you hear people talking about a second work of grace or a second blessing. Typically, those terms are used to define something that some get and some canít get.
Set free from guilt Set free from desire to sin
spiritual birth spiritual development
event process
were sinners now sons
Holiness Ė sanctification Ė isnít for elite group who have a gift or experience - it is Godís plan for all believers.
Iím skeptical of any believer who asks, ĎHave you got it?í - NO, BUT I HAVE HIM! Jesus is holiness personified

Holiness & sanctification is simply loving God w/ all my mind, heart, soul and strength and loving my neighbor as myself.
Holiness is not optional Ė it is a command, ĎBe holy as I am holy..í GODíS COMMANDS ARE GODíS ENABLEMENTS. God calls us to be holy and gives us His Holy Spirit to empower us to be holy.
SANCTIFICATION Ė everything God does to make us like Jesus. It begins the moment I come to Christ. It continues in a process that results in a changed life.
The Latin santificatio, means the act/ process of making holy, consecrated. Greek - the same root is word is the basis for words like: "holiness," "consecration," "sanctification" "to sanctify," "consecrate," "treat as holy," "purify" "saint."
When we were saved, we were set apart now, day by day Ė moment by moment Ė decision by decision - the Holy Spirit helps us, molds us, empowers us to be like Jesus.

We are in a daily battle - struggle - in this area Ė The Bible assures us of victory - but we have to cooperate so God can operate. This is a growth process - there is no magic formula - instant sanctification.
Typically, there is a crisis point in our lives, we come to a life changing decision Ė not for salvation, but Lordship.
✖ I realize I canít control my life. I get sick and tired of being sick and tired.
✖ I quit playing church games and go for it...I sell out. No more resistance. I count the cost and move forward. Itís putting my all on the altar.
✖ I hunger and thirst after righteousness. One passion - to know God, obey Him, seek Him w/ all my heart.
THE POINT WHERE WE DIE TO SELF Ė where we fully, willingly, knowingly, say, ĎI want