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I. Introduction:
In this particular text, Blind Bartemeusí Shout & faith caused a powerful move of God and caught Jesusí attention, which in the end caused a miraculous healing and gave Blind Bartemeusí his sight.
There was power in Bartemeusí shout! And I am convinced today that we can have the same power & impact in our shout & faith as Bartemeusí had back then, many years ago...
So, What do I have to do to get a power packed shout??

II. Body: 3 ways to a "Power packed" shout:

A.) Have faith in God beforehand & shout BEFORE God makes the move.
- Bartemeusí shout was powerful because he shouted for Jesus before he even got there.
-Vs. 47: "He heard..." Before he even saw God in the physical state the Bible says he began shouting because he heard that Jesus was coming & he had faith enough to believe!
- Like Bartemeus, sometimes we need to take the little bit of faith we have & walk out on it and begin to shout for what he yet WILL do!!
- A little shout goes a long way!!!
- Talk about the woman in Bible with issue of blood & how her persistance paid off.
- Begin to shout for what God yet WILL do!!!

B.) Ignore The Crowd!
- (vs. 48: "He shouted all the more...")Even though the crowd told him to be quiet, Bartemeus still shouted!
- You gotta ignore the crowd & the playahaters!!
- People will do anything they can to stop your praise!!
- Does it really take ALL of that??
- People a lot of times donít like to see other people getting blessed & praising God for it!
- People know your GLORY but they donít know your STORY!
- Be a LEADER, not a FOLLOWER!
- Youíve got to move beyond what people think about you & bless God anyhow!

C.) Take affirmitive action off of your shout...
- (vs. 50: "Throwing his cloak aside...") Bartemeus took action! He didnít just sit back & wait for God to do something, he met him 1/2 way!!
- Sometimes you gotta meet God 1/2 way!!!
- Take an active approach to your shout!
- Matt. 17:20
- A little goes a long way with God!!

III. Preach The Text:
- Set up story & scenario of text.
- Encourage & exhort the people of God that thereís power in your shout & to move beyond your current situation & give God praise for what he yet WILL do!
- Also encourage to not let the devil steal your shout!!

IV. Conclusion:
-Recap main points.