It is impossible to be a Christian and not pray so prayer is ultimately at the heart of our faith.

There also have been many arguments and debates on it such as the right posture to pray in and the length of our prayers. Does a certain prayer posture like kneeling bring you closer to the Lord than those who are standing? Does praying for 12 hours make you more spiritual than others?? Interesting questions but I thank the Lord for this revelation that will help us to all understand the will of God with regards to prayer.

Prayer in its original form appears in the Bible at least in 107 verses( 72 times in the Old Testament and 35 in the New Testament) while the word ‘pray’ occurs In 306 verses. Prayer is not something that started after Jesus or later but existed even in Genesis (it occurs here at least 33 times!!).

What is prayer then??

• Intimacy with God
• Direct addresses to God
• ‘beseeching the Lord’ ( Exodus 32 v11)
• Pouring out your soul before the Lord( 1 Samuel 1 v15)
• Drawing near to God( Psalm 73 v 28)
• Bowing the knees( Ephesians 3 v14)
• Crying to heaven (2 Chronicles 32 v20)

What Prayer is not!!

• public displays of self righteousness
• a show off
• Religious tradition (i.e. praying because you were told to pray!!)
• ranting and raving
• waffling for hours and hours
• to clear your conscience
• a bed time charm for you to sleep well
• a determination of you going to heaven
• shouting at the top of your voice

Prayer must be sincere (Hebrews 10 v22) and must speak to God’s heart. It’s not about how long you pray because the Lord knows what you desire before you even pray, for me prayer is a heart to heart conversation with God.

There are no rules for prayer for 1) the manner of prayer 2) times of prayer and 3) the posture of prayer. The Lord’s Prayer was a model guide rather than a religious order.
There is mention of kneeling in prayer in the Bible
 I kings 8 v54
 2 Chronicles 6v13
 Acts 7 v 60
 Acts 9 v 40
 Ephesians 3 v14
 Luke 22 v 41
 Isaiah 43 v 23
 Psalm 95 v 6
There is also mention of bowing and falling prostrate
 Genesis 24 v 26
 Exodus 4 v 31
 Mark 14 v 35
 Matthew 26 v 31
There is again, further mention of standing:
 Luke 18 v 11 and 13
 1 Samuel 1 v26
 Mark 11 v 25
 1 kings 8 v 14 and 55
 2 Chronicles 20 v 9
A lot of debate has arisen on whether we should allow the trend of lifting up hands in church to continue. This is a clear cut issue and the first mention of it is in 1 Kings 8 v 22!! So yes, it is scriptural and should be done as Paul urged the church in Ephesians
 1 Kings 8 v 38 and 54
 Psalm 28 v 2
 Psalm 28
 Psalm 63 v 4
 Psalm 88v9