Prayer Keys - Delight in the Lord

Take delight in the Lord. Then He gives you your heart’s desires, Psalm 37:4.

This isn’t a magic chant to make God do our will. Finding delight in the Lord helps us to submit to His will. We can’t think, “If I decide to delight in the Lord, He will give me this, that, or the other thing.” When we truly delight in the Lord, He changes our desires. We desire the same things He wants to give us. Right delight, right desires.

I’ve heard that coffee is an acquired taste, that no one is born with a taste for coffee. I’ve never acquired that taste. Neither has my sister. My dad did. He drank enough coffee for himself and both his kids. Some people acquire a taste for coffee and crave it every day.

If no one has a natural taste for coffee, why anyone acquired the taste? Maybe some native tribe used it as a test for manhood. “You’re not a man until you can drink this bitter brew.” Boys want to pass the test to be men. They repeatedly taste little bits of coffee. They continued to drink it to prove they’re still men. Then they learn to like it. They acquire a taste for it. Then they crave it.

How do we acquire a taste for the things of the Lord? How do we come to crave the things of the Lord? How do we come to delight in the Lord?

Forms of the word delight (delight, delighted, delighting, delightful...) occur over 100 times in the Bible. Many relate to delight in the Lord. Most of those relate to delight in God’s word. You may have noticed that time in His word is a second theme of this series because it’s so vital to so many prayer keys.

One way to acquire a taste for the things of the Lord is through repeated exposure to His word with the right attitude.

There are other ways, too. One is found in Isaiah 58:14. Then you will delight in the Lord. Before the word then, Isaiah describes a life of service. Isaiah 58 may have inspired the Air Force officers who stated the value of “service before self.” Another way is to be thankful for our blessings. That will be another study. For now we will focus on that second theme of this series and emphasize delight in God’s word, the Bible.

Corrie Ten Boom was well rooted in the word of God. She came to crave it. She learned delight in the word in a way few of us can comprehend. Her family helped Jews escape the holocaust. Then they were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Miraculously, she and her sister, Betsie, were able to smuggle a tiny Bible into the camp with them. It was a miracle.

Going into the camp, they hid their Bible in a shower drain before being strip searched by men with no morals or manners. After being given a dress, Corrie was able to retrieve it. She carried it on a cord around her neck under the dress.

Then, going into another room, the guards were “frisking” the women. Corrie prayed that God would make her invisible to