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Praying by the blood of Jesus

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Jun 15, 2006

Summary: There is a power that supersedes every other power. That power, transforms simple things into powerful weapons. The awesomeness and mystery of the power in the Blood of Jesus, is not being preached in the church today.

Revelation 12:11:

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death”.

I would like you to read this message with rapt attention, so that you can key in to what God intends to do through this miracle power. It is a deep topic, and this is just a scratch on it.

The verse above is a very interesting part of the Bible; it gives us weapons and it would be good, if you could memorise it and appropriate it to yourself. There is a weapon that has never lost its power, but people have not learnt to use it; whereas, it is highly effective. Even the enemy is afraid, when you start to talk about it. That old serpent, the dragon, that the Bible talks about, saying: “Woe unto the earth and the sea …” There is a weapon that can overcome it. There is nothing that God created, that He cannot rearrange; there is no enemy that God cannot defeat.

A two-year old girl learnt this song and was always singing it:

“There is power, there is power, there is power in the Blood of Jesus.”

Her mother noticed that she never took ill. One day, the mother washed the girl’s clothes and hung them outside. There was a high wind, which blew her small panty to the compound next to theirs and it landed in the sitting room of a neighbour, who was a herbalist. Immediately the pant landed, there was pandemonium in the room; everything turned upside down. Everything he knew how to do failed; nothing could avail for him. He did his consultation and he found out that there was a strange thing in the room. He tried to pick it, but he fell. He started to rain incantations, offered sacrifice, poured libation but he could not make a headway. He could not touch the pant, and everywhere was hot. Throughout that day, no customer came for consultation; he battled throughout the night. The following day, the wind blew again and this time, the girl saw her toy flying towards the man’s sitting room. She followed it and then saw her pant. She went straight towards it and picked it, singing her song. “There is power in the Blood of Jesus.” The herbalist tried to stop her, thinking the ‘strange’ thing would harm her but she picked her pant casually, from the centre of oil and blood poured around it. The girl picked it and left, still singing. That incidence, converted the herbalist. He surrendered his life to Christ, having seen that His Power is the absolute Power. He left his beggarly powers and came to the Lord.

There is a power that supersedes every other power. That power, transforms simple things into powerful weapons. The awesomeness and mystery of the power in the Blood of Jesus, is not being preached in the church today. Many present day Christians do not know many things about victory in the battles of life. Learning to claim the power in the Blood of Jesus, is very important. It is a prayer that brings deliverance and protection.


1. Gives protection before adversity strikes. It serves as prevention.

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Sonia Green avatar
Sonia Green
0 days ago
This is an excellent sermon for the believer who wants to have victory over the works of satan and his demons. The life is in the blood and the blood of Jesus never lose its power.
Oladapo Ayorinde avatar
Oladapo Ayorinde
0 days ago
This is an excellent sermon that brings to our remembrance the Awesome power in the Blood of Jesus as a permanent solution to the attacks of satan and his cohorts.
Olugbenga Dauda avatar
Olugbenga Dauda
0 days ago
The mesaage of the preacher has always being helpful to my spiritual growth.The blood of Jesus shed on the cross of calvary is awesome.
Donnie De Loney avatar
Donnie De Loney
0 days ago
I am convinced that this message is exactly what ever believer must apply to their lives in order to overcome the power of the devil. There is power in the blood...!1
Folake  Odutola avatar
Folake Odutola
0 days ago
As I read this message, I was relieved of a flu-like symptom I'd been suffering for days. Thank you for the reminder. There is surely power in the Blood!
Abidini Adeyemo avatar
Abidini Adeyemo
0 days ago
I have always used the blood of Jesus against powers of darkness. They always respond with fear and trembling. I do not understand it all but I am glad for the blood of Jesus.
Patrick Ruffin avatar
Patrick Ruffin
0 days ago
Powerful word. There is power in the blood of Jesus. All belivers should know this and proclaim this.
Ogeye Adebisi avatar
Ogeye Adebisi
0 days ago
This message is powerfully packed. The wondrous blood of Jesus still delivered because I experienced it at the prayer city during the weekend deliverance prayer. I was seriously sick when I went for the prayer,we neither eat nor drink, and the pastor would say, no food, no water, but the blood of Jesus as drink and His flesh as food. Before we finish the programme,I was healed without taking any drug nor took any food than drinking the blood of Jesus. The blood if Jesus set me free even after the programme, i did not land in hospital than using the annoiting oil because we have plead the blood of Jesus. Halleluyah
Florence Tibamwenda avatar
Florence Tibamwenda
0 days ago
Dr. Olukoya's messages are very powerful messages that every true believer must know. This message particularly is a powerful tool against satan and his demons that every believer must use. It is only the Blood of Jesus that satan fears. If only all the pastors teach their members this kind of messages, we would be having true soldiers of the Lord that would be delivering many souls from the kingdong of darkness. Dr. Olukoya for sure your crown is awaiting in Heaven.
Evelyn Ugbogbo avatar
Evelyn Ugbogbo
0 days ago
powerful message that is the man speaking the son of the head of the corner stone may God bless you sir, for your great contribution to the work of God on this earth by touching the life of others with your message.
Ojo Peter A. avatar
Ojo Peter A.
0 days ago
God bles u sir. U're a blessing to dis generation
Althea Johnston avatar
Althea Johnston
0 days ago
Excellent and very informative message. I am deeply encouraged in my faith. Thank you!

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