Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
to prepare for the building of the temple.

Our text today, reaches a seasoned and an aging King David. David understood how magnificent the house of the Lord had to be. He knew and understood how famous this particular house of the Lord had to be. He knew that this place would require great preparation and planning.

So the Bible tells us in our text that David made preparation for the building of the temple. Even though he knew that he wouldnít be able to build it himself, he still made preparations. Even thought he knew that he would never lay his own eyes on its magnificence, he made the preparations anyhow. Despite the fact that somebody else was going to build the house that he had dreamed all of his life of building, David was okay with helping them out with the preparations.

You see my brothers and sisters, a lot of folk will not help somebody else out if they know that wonít benefit them. Have I got a witness?

We wonít give to the little child selling donuts because itís not benefiting our church. We wonít give to the Usherís Day program because weíre not an usher. We wonít give money to build or expand the fellowship hall of the church, because weíre so old and grumpy and donít want to fellowship with anybody anyway.

But not only that. There are so many parent today, who donít even take out any insurance to leave their children a little something behind when they themselves have been called on to glory. And we wonder why the rich keep on getting richer. Itís because theyíve made provisions that will allow their children to live better than they did. Theyíve made arrangements that will benefit their children when theyíre no longer here. But instead of seeing their children get ahead, a whole lot of black parents are so afraid of their children having more than they have.

But Iím here to tell you today that itís time for us to shed our attitude of our selfishness and focus on doing the will and the work of God while we still can. Just like David we must make preparations to build the temple of God. Am I right about it?

For the Bible tells us in this passage of 2nd Chronicles that David got all of the masons together to get the stones prepared for the building of the temple. He prepared a whole lot of iron for nails for the doors of the gates and the joinings. He set aside so much brass and cedar trees that the bible says that it was beyond calculation. He knew what it took to get prepared for the building of the temple.

And on this afternoon Greater Thankful, I want you to know that itís all right to get prepared for the building of your new church. Itís alright to raise money and to get all of the plans in order. Itís alright to work together to reach your common goals.

But I wouldnít be doing you justice this evening, if I didnít stop by and let you know that even while youíre preparing to building your temple to the Lord, you need to also be working on the