8226; So imagine investing time and energy only to find out that it was all is pointless.

• How depressing and disappointing to have invested time & money, to have done your best
• Only to find out there was a much better way of doing it!

• It is visited each year by thousands of people,
• It is one of the great tourist attractions in the world,

• It stands 179 feet tall and is a work of beauty,
• The problem is the architect built it on 10 feet of foundations.

• The leaning tower of Pisa,
• Is externally impressive but was a disaster waiting to happen!

• And it has only survived to this day,
• Thanks to the knowledge and skill of many different experts.

This Psalm reminds us that no matter how impressive your home may or may not look:

• In the end only one thing matters,
• How good are your foundations?

• Strangest greeting ever was when I spoke at Sholing Baptist Church ladies meeting.
• Lady stamped on the floor, looked me in the eye and said “Good foundations”.

• Apparently the Church had been rebuilt several times over the years;
• But the foundations were the original ones, 100’s of years old.

One of the best known stories Jesus told involved a building project.

• Jesus himself taught us in the parable of the wise & foolish builders,
• Build your life, marriage, build you future, build your…………. on good foundations.

• Those foundations are Jesus and his teaching;
• To ignore either is to build, to have all your efforts in vain!

(B). Guarding a city (verse 1).

“Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain”.

• In Old Testament times watchmen were stationed on city walls and hill tops,
• Their job was to be look-outs, to warn the people of any possible enemies attack.

• They played a vital role in defending a city,
• They were key people in protecting the people from danger.

• But there ability to defend a city was limited.
• Even if they played their part well, the city could still be conquered.

• The Great Wall of China is the only man made structure that can be seen on the moon .
• It is 3,460 kilometres long and was built over a period of 2,000 years.

• It was built so high that nobody could climb over it,
• And so thick that nobody could break it down.

• Yet during the first 100 years of the walls existence,
• China was invaded three times.
• Not once did the enemy break down the wall or climb over it,
• Each time their enemies bribed the gatekeeper and they just marched on through.

These verses:

• Point out the folly of guarding, or trying to protect a city in our own strength alone,
• The folly