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Psalms 23

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Apr 2, 2003
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Adults

Summary: As long as the Lord is your shepherd, what else do you want?


This passage is more often preached out of at funerals. But, I believe David was not talking about the after life when he wrote these powerful words of God’s provision.

One day I can see in my mind David grazing with the sheep on the mountain sides of Israel. He tends to them and watches out for their safety. As he is doing all of this, I can imagine him stopping to consider for a moment (1)as much as he was the shepherd of his sheep, God is the great shepherd of all of his sheep.

David was passionate for the heart of God, and sought after His every will. He understood the power of God, and His keeping grace over his flock. David thought on the fact that God the greatest of all shepherds, who watches omnipresently over all His sheep.



David says, “the lord is MY shepherd…” He took God personally!

**and if God is you shepherd, what else will you want?

**If you study the O.T. you will discover the different names of God, that fully describe who He really is:

(1)Jehovah shalom: peace, (2)Jehovah Jireh: provider, (3)Jehovah Nissi: banner, (4)Jehovah Tsidkenu: righteousness, (5)Jehovah Shammah: is there


There are certain attributes to a shepherd that David knew all about, and he used them to describe the Lord.

(1)makes me lie down in green pastures

he wants you to be in a place where the blessings are plentiful

**he wants us to be blessed**

(2)leads me beside still waters/paths of righteousness

the rough waters scare the sheep. But, God does not want us to fear. He knows the right pathway, and as long as He is leading, we know it’s going to be alright.

**don’t fear the unknown as long as God is leading the way**

(3)restores my soul

There are times when God puts us in a place of restoration.

(4)valley of shadow of death…

Sometimes the sheep would come under attack, but the shepherd has a rod and a staff to protect them.

(5)preparest a table/anointest my head…

on a table before my enemies, you anoint me. Just so the enemy can look and see me get anointed. “I want him to see me get anointed!!”

(6)surely goodness…

in recognition for all he’s done, I am going to dwell in his house forever, for goodness and mercy will follow me the rest of my life.


This is for the Christian. God is right by us, to carry us in the places we go. Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd, and the shepherd lays down his life for the sheep…”

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