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Brinton 14-04-02
Luke 24:13-35: Put your hand into the hand of God

The Christian faith has been likened to a journey.

Story: Last Tuesday many of us here will have watched the Queen Mother’s funeral, the end of her journey here on earth. It was extremely encouraging to hear the Archbishop speak of the Queen Mother’s Christian faith.

I found the poem that she chose to be written on the Order of Service that Tuesday morning (09.04.02) very interesting. Let me read it to you.

I said to the man
who stood at the gate of the year
“Give me a light that I may tread safely
into the unknown.”
And he replied:” Go out into the darkness
and put your hand into the hand of God.
That shall be better than light
and safer than a known way!”
So I went forth and finding the Hand of God
trod gladly into the night.
M. Louise Haskins (1875-1957)

The Queen Mother had put her hand into the hand of God on her Christian journey.

In our Gospel reading this morning, the two disciples were on a journey. One was Cleopas, who was the other? Perhaps it was Luke the author of the Gospel. I suggest that because Luke seems to know the details very intimately.

1. Background.

It had been a horrific week for the two men. The road from Jerusalem to Emmaus is about 7 miles - about a 2-hour walk.

As they walked down the road, they struggled to understand what has happened that week. In the short space of 7 days, their world has been shattered. Jesus - on whom they had placed all their hopes - was dead.

The Messiah had been killed, crucified on a Cross. The light of their world had been extinguished.

As they walked along the road, they bumped into a man who engaged them in conversation and asked them why they are so sad.Yet they didn’t recognise that it was Jesus with them

They told him that Jesus who they had hoped would deliver Israel was dead.

The man replied by explaining to them that all of this was in God’s plan.

Couldn’t they understand, he said that the Scriptures pointed to a Suffering Messiah and not to Superman. (You might note that I have taken a little bit of liberty with the text here – but you get the drift).

And still they did not recognise Jesus with them.

When they reached Emmaus, they invited the man to have supper with them. It was only when he took the bread, broke it and blessed it they recognised him. Jesus the Risen Lord.

2. Have you ever wondered why the disciples couldn’t recognise him?

Matthew Rogers has suggested some possible explanations:

a) Jesus was wearing a disguise.
b) They had never stood this close to him before.
c) The late afternoon sun was glaring in their eyes.
d) A supernatural force was at work.

Luke tells us the answer - a supernatural force was at work – God was at work. These two travelers were in the presence of Jesus, but were none the wiser.

Luke tells us that “They were kept from recognizing him.” (Lk 24:16) (NIV)