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Open: Luke 17:20-32

Jesus, naturally, was the greatest Biblical scholar and teacher the world has ever known! Here in Luke 17, Jesus is well along in His ministry. You might say that the Pharisees were ďon to Him!Ē They were between the proverbial ďrock and hard spot.Ē They couldnít just dismiss Jesus as a fanatic for He had too large a following and His knowledge of the Scripture was unprecedented. In this particular encounter, the Pharisees were demanding a miraculous sign as to when this ďkingdomĒ was coming. In this discourse, Jesus explains to them that the kingdom is not coming with signs (cf. vs. 20). Jesus then goes into a discourse regarding His last days. In doing so, He reminds His disciples of a couple Old Testament ďtragediesĒ - days of Noah and days of Lot. What really stands out to me in this discourse are the 3 words spoken by Christ in vs. 32:
"Remember Lotís Wife!"

Why would Jesus admonish His disciples (and us today) to remember Lotís wife? After all, we donít even know her name. There must be a powerful lesson for us hidden somewhere in Genesis 19. Letís take a look!

Historical Background:
Chapter 11 & 12 (Genesis), we find Abram is told to leave Ur, to a land God will show him - 12:4 tells us that Lot tagged along. Weíre not told if Lot had a wife at this point, but if he did, we must assume that she too left Ur with her husband.
Chapter 13, the success of the families of Lot & Abraham cause strife among their herdsmen & the ultimate split between the two of them. Lot chooses the Jordan valley and leaves Abraham with the less desirable desert hills of Canaan. Key here is this:
- First Lot located his family in the fertile Jordan valley
- Later (vs. 12) he moved his tents as far as Sodom (he kept creeping closer & closer)
- By chapter 19, Lot had traded in his tents for a townhouse!
Chapter 14, the five southern kings in the Sodom region, who had been serving the four northern kings, rebel. It would appear they (southern kings) try to cut off the ďkings highwayĒ (trade route). The four northern kings come down to squash the rebellion, and capture Lot in the process. Abraham learns of Lotís capture, goes up on the opposite side of the Jordan, catches them in the northern Jordan region (around Damascus), defeats them and rescues Lot.
Chapters 15-17, we donít hear much about Lot, these chapters deal with the maturing faith of Abraham and Sarah, providing also more details regarding the covenant. By chapter 17, 24 years have expired since Abraham left Haran - plenty of time for Lot and family to establish roots in Sodom.
Chapter 18, God and two angels appear to Abraham as three men. They have two primary purposes:
1. To convince Sarah that she indeed would bare a son.
2. Tell Abraham of the outcry from Sodom & of His plans to investigate.

The City of Sodom:

Thought to have been located on the SE side of the Dead Sea. One of the ďcities of the