Repairing Broken Altars
Background: I Kings 18
Text: I Kings 18:30-39
Key phrase: “And He prepared the altar of the Lord that was broken down.” (vs. 30)

I. National Altars
Our nation has replaced its altars of worship to God with worship of every other imaginable thing. Turtle eggs, dolphins, and the environment have become of higher value than human life. Rather than teaching children “Thou shalt not kill” our schools are teaching them that they need to express themselves and that human life is of no value. Some 43 million doctors, lawyers, bankers, preachers, senators, representatives, skilled laborers, educators, managers, farmers, factory workers, truck drivers, airline pilots, missionaries, and other people have been killed by the knife of abortion doctors in the name of freedom of choice. Moral decay is at an all time high. Gender distinction has been fuzzed so much that little girls grow up having no idea how to be a good mother. Boys have no idea that being manly means treating women with respect and practicing self-control.
The nation is heading down a path toward a Godless society. I say it is time to rebuild some national altars. It is high time for us as Americans to take a stand and do what is right. It is time for America to turn back to God. It is time for us citizens to use our voting power to bring about a change of face in our government. This is not a political speech. These are moral issues, principles that God has established before there were politics.
Someone said the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. It is definitely high time for our national altars to be rebuilt and God to be places once again as Supreme in our government.
II. Family Altars
Nations are built upon families. As the family falls, so falls the nation. Children are growing up knowing nothing about God. Parents are leaving spiritual training of their children to someone else. It is time for family altars to be rebuilt across our land. It is time for parents to take responsibility for the spiritual training of their children.
Because there are many children growing up with no moral compass, it is our time as a church to reach out and provide direction for these children. We as a church have a golden opportunity to reach out into our community and bring in children and young people whose parents are not training them. God has place this church here for a reason. We are not here just to keep the grass from growing in the yard. Thank God that we have been able to reach out and bring others in. Let’s keep encouraged in the fact that God is bringing in people. But lets not be satisfied. There are many families that need us to help them. As we reach out and families in the community begin rebuilding their altars for the Lord, we will see a difference made in our city. God desires for us to be in the business of bringing families to Him.
III. Personal Altars.
If we are going to be all that God wants us to be,