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The Revelation of Jesus Christ began in the mind of God and has been given to the man of God to know our mission from God.

The Persecution of John 1:9

We have a common association. We are both brothers and companions. There is a divine bloodline that runs through believers. The word companion comes from two Greek words that means with and partnership. Our difficulties ought to form a bond in fellow believers.

This comes from a common affliction. This stress and pain encourages both growth and endurance. Again the Greek word for persecution is pressing together. It is the idea of being squeezed by the world system or circumstances in life.

Then we have a common alienation. John was on the isle of Patmos for the Word and witness of Jesus Christ.

The Exaltation of Jesus 1:10-11

In verse 10, we see Johnís great devotion. He was in the Spirit on the Lordís Day. He worshiped the Lord in spite of the difficulties of life. The loud voice that spoke was the One John knew.

It was the voice of true distinction. He proclaimed who He was.

And then we see that John was told to write in a pointed direction. He was to communicate to the seven churches.

The Description of Jesus 1:12-18

As John turned to see the One who spoke, he saw the activity involved in Christ and the church.

John then addresses His attire. It was priestly garments. He then described His Saviors appearance. Jesus was the righteous One.

John also wrote of His authority. And finally, John describes Jesusí assurance. Jesus is confident and compelling in His sovereignty.

The Instructions from Jesus 1:19-20

John wrote through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and by the command of Jesus. We have this book because of Godís desire for all to know Him. The mystery of the seven stars and seven golden lampstands are given through illumination.