II Chronicles 7:11-14

INTRODUCTION: I love that song "Revive Us Again" Sometimes we ought to start that in the middle of one of my sermons when some of us get kinda drowsy. Speaking of drowsy, there is a story I want to share with you. One particular Sunday a preacher was preaching a powerful sermon on hell and how terrible hell would be. In the congregation there was this one fellow who fell asleep every Sunday. The preacher came to a point where he pounded the pulpit to emphasize how bad hell was, and said if anyone wants to go to hell let him stand up right now. Well the only part that the sleeping guy heard was the "stand up right now part" so he did! He stood there for a few moments and looked around, then he said" Well preacher, I donít know what we just voted on, but it looks like you and me are the only ones for it."
One thing that has always perplexed me is why we sometimes talk about church and worship as if it were exhausting, as if it would make us tired to do it. People say all the time, "Iím just too tired to go to church." The implication is that church would just wear us out. It would make us more exhausted. We never say, "Iím tired. Iím worn out. Iím gonna go to church to get fired up, to get re-energized." But it seems to me that is what we ought to do! An opportunity to praise God ought to get us excited and fired up. King David said in Psalm 28:7. I think we can all think of times like that, when our hearts leapt for joy, when our hearts were aflame for God. But you know, a fire must be refueled or it will go out. Letís look at another passage together. Psalm 85:6,7. Maybe this morning you need God to re-light a fire in your soul thatís getting a bit cold. What you need, maybe what we need, is revival. That is what we are going to talk about this Fall. What is it when God sends revival? First let me tell you what it isnít!


A. A lot of us grew up saying that our church is going to have a revival on such and such date. It is part of the yearís schedule, like VBS, or a retreat. But that is not revival. Itís a good thing to do, but it isnít revival.

1. Revival is not a crusade either. Now, I love a good evangelistic effort. After all it is part of what we ought to be doing as Godís people, but it is not a revival. Revival is not even church growth. You see a church can be growing but not have revival because revival implies spiritual declension and lethargy.

2. The very word says that something is alive but is about to die. It is struggling with life and needs to be awakened. If youíre not a Christian you donít need revival, you need regeneration. But if you are a Christian there is a good chance that during the course of your Christian life your gonna need a few revivals.

B. I came across something interesting the other day. Some of you can remember when the church would have two week long meetings. I didnít know why that