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Rivers of Living Water


Sermon shared by James May

February 2005
Summary: Jesus is the only source of real peace, joy and eternal life. The world has nothing that can compare. Jesus wants to give you a life that is filled with "rivers of living water".
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Seeker adults
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as their Lord and Savior, and today, they will begin a new life, as a new man or woman, born again by the power of God. Oh that everyone could receive this message with that kind of attitude!

Some wonít Ė they wonít accept Jesusí offer to come to Him. Their spiritual eyes have been so blinded by the devil that they canít see Jesus for who He is. He is the very Son of God, the Savior of the World, but all they will see is a man. They are so dry and thirsty that they are like a man wandering and dying in the desert, who sees a real oasis, but thinks itís only a mirage. That man will die of thirst because he is afraid of trying to reach the water only to find it wasnít real. Let me tell you that Jesus is real. His love is real. His mercy is real. His joy is real. His blessing of eternal life is real. His promises are true. He will give you that River of Living water if you want it. Donít listen to the devil, listen to Jesus and come to Him right now.

So What Ė so what if you donít hear these words of this message? So what if you donít come to Jesus? So what if you walk out those doors and keep looking for ways to fill your thirst with the things of the world?

Hereís what! If you continue down that same path you will fall into destruction and death. You see; there is not one sinner who rejects Jesus who will not end up burning in hell itself. Not only that but Satan will blind you even more, and drag you down into the pits of sin even more, and he will take you farther than you wanted to go and keep you longer than you want to stay. How far will you go before you turn around? How deep will you go into the pits of Hell before you turn around? God will let you do as far as you want to. He wonít stop you. He will let you make your choice. But the whole time that you are running from Him, the Holy Ghost is going to be like bloodhound on your trail. You will never forget the words of the message. You will always have a tugging at your heart to come back to Jesus.

Jesus will still love you even in your rebellion. He loved the whole world when not one man loved Him in return. Jesus went to the cross and gave his life for you just as you are right now. He still loves you and He doesnít want your life or your soul to be destroyed, so come to Him while you can.

Hereís What! If you accept Him, come to Him, repenting of your sin, confessing that He is Lord, that He died for you and rose again, asking Him to come into your heart Ė then you will walk out of this building a new person this very morning. That river of living water will begin to flow through you. The world will be brighter. Your life will take on a real meaning. Jesus will break the chains that bind you and set you free. You will be free to love, free to serve him, free to enjoy the life that He has given to you, and free from guilt and shame. And, you will be free to enter into Heaven when Jesus calls you home.

So what! Ė What will you do with Jesusí invitation? Will you turn and go back to your own house, your own way and your own self-made eternal destiny?

Many of those who heard the words of Jesus on the eighth day of the Feast of Tabernacles refused to accept His offer. Today, those who refused are already burning and will be burning, eternally separated from all that is good, forever and ever. If they could speak to
Comments and Shared Ideas
Dennis Lott of Mt Grove Congregational Christian
September 16, 2006
Pastor Jim May is one of my favorite contributors, and this is one of his most inspirational to me. I am a Congregational Christian Minister who asked for and received the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This has cost me some in my ministry, and I have lost a few members who don't believe in tongues. I read Brother Mays sermons a lot because I want to learn as much as I can about Pentecostalism and the gifts of the spirit. Back to the sermon. Presents clearly that Jesus is the fulfillment of prophesy and the need to be filled with the spirit.

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