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Sermon shared by Curt Cizek

October 2008
Summary: A sermon that looks at the parable of the wedding banquet from the perspective of the host - God.
Denomination: Lutheran
Audience: General adults
-It is absolutely maddening to young couples
-Maybe yíall had to deal with it too when you got married
-Iím as guilty as anybody
-What Iím talking about it RSVPs
-Todayís sermon is about RSVPs and the people who refuse to return them
-Iíve always wondered what RSVP stood for. I knew it was an acronym from France
-It stands for ďRťpondez síil vous plaÓtĒ which literally means, ďRespond if you pleaseĒ
-When Linda and I were getting ready to get married, I had to make a bunch of calls to family and friends to find out if they were going to make our wedding and reception
-I didnít realize what an undertaking putting together a celebration with 300 guests was
-It would have been fine if that was our full-time job but we were trying to take care of details in addition to our jobs
-What would it be like if we had to go see everyone one of those people in person or have to get together a group of friends and have them go visit all of the delinquent RSVPers and get a reply, if you please?
-How time consuming! How labor intensive! How insulting to us to have to hunt down peoplesí responses!
-But we cared about these people enough to hunt down their responses. They are our friends and family and we wanted them to be a part of our celebration. {PAUSE}
-Do you remember the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981? I was only twelve at the time but I remember all the horses and carriages. All the gold and precious jewels. All the fancy clothes and all the guests.
-Do you think anyone of them didnít get their RSVP in on time? You know, as hard as it is to imagine, there probably was a handful of people too flighty to get their dang RSVP back in a timely fashion.
-Thatís what Jesus is saying to the chief priests and elders, the religious leaders of the Israelis of His day
-Jesus was saying that His kingdom is like a wedding celebration given by a king for his son.
-The king was pulling out all the stops to make sure that his sonís wedding was a special occasion. Thatís what we do. Even more so in the Middle East. {PAUSE}
-Do you remember it?
-Do you remember what Jesusí first miracle was?
-You remember donít you?
-What was it?
-Thatís right, Jesus turned water into wine.
-Whatís the significance of that?
-Wedding celebrations in Israel were big events
-It began with the betrothal which was as binding as being married itself
-There was a pledge of faithfulness to one another that began the engagement
-Some time later the bride would be transferred to the bridegroomís home
-Following that would be a seven day wedding feast
-Imagine feeding and housing your extended family and friends for a week
-It must have been some kind of party though {PAUSE}
-One of the things that I like to watch when theyíre on is Blooper Videos
-I love watching all the wedding bloopers
-It is such a big event with some many moving parts and so many people traveling from different parts of
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