I Corinthians 9:24-27
November 5, 2006
Broadway Baptist Church
Rev Dan Bauder


There are several things we can see from our scripture this morning but if we remember nothing else from this message we need to remember Godís people havenít changed since Paul was inspired to write these words. Weíve all seen how society has changed over the years. Iíve heard stories from seniors who tell me when they were growing up people didnít have to lock their doors. They could leave things unattended and not have to worry if it would be there when they got back. Now if you donít nail things to the ground you run the risk of them coming up missing. Sometimes if itís nailed to the ground it still comes up missing. However among many of Godís people commitment is severely lacking.
This week I had an opportunity to fellowship with a brother in the Lord. He shared with me his pastor has been preaching a lot about reaching out to the community. He agreed it is important for them to reach out but he felt his church needed to concentrate on reviving those who were already there. Thatís exactly what Paul was trying to do with the Corinthian church.

A. God didnít save us so we could sit on our blessed assurance and do nothing for the Kingdom.
1. My friend shared after worship some stick around to fellowship while others canít wait to hit the door. In the same way some go out of their way to serve while others feel their attendance is enough.
B. Just like an athlete enters a race determined to win we need to live our lives for Christ with the same determination.
C. All of us have the same opportunity to win

II. WE NEED TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLES SET BEFORE US (Read Hebrews 12:1-2 and I Cor 9:26)
A. Follow Godís lead, not our own desires (Read I Cor 9:27)