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We as Christians should be working towards the mark. We are working towards being perfected in our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Our primary goal is that we should live so that God will be pleased with our lives. We must remind ourselves from time to time that we have the victory and Satan our foe is already defeated and with that note that brings me to my first of two points.

In the John 19:30 Jesus cried out. He cried out the words, It Is Finished. In our lives there are two types of cries.
One: A Cry of Despair

Two: A Cry of Victory: which is the focus of my first point.

Point Number 1: The Victory Is Yours
In the Greek, tetelestai (teeĖteeĖlessĖtee-ah) is the word that represents a victorious cry.

Jesus was shouting a cry of victory. Not a cry of despair, but His cry was a victorious cry.

He was victorious because he had defeated the foe. The foe was Satan. He had defeated the foe on his own ground and with his own symbol.

Jesus the Christ came into the enemyís camp and took back what was stolen. He came on Satanís own turf. Satanís turf is this earth. Jesus is a bad mamma jamma.

He came down from heaven, leaving His throne just to redeem man. He left His place in glory to be just like us. He ate, slept, and suffered just like us to prove to Satan that He was all of that and a bag of chips.

The cross was a symbol that belonged to the foe. The cross was a symbol of sin and defeat. The cross represented three things: sin, suffering, and eventually death.

The cross that Satan used for sin, suffering, and death is now a symbol of hope, love, and life. Like the song writer says, I Will Cling to the Old Rugged Cross, Iíll Exchange It Someday For A Crown.

And thereís the favorite song of the church At the Cross At the Cross Where I First Saw the Light And the Burdens of My Heart Rolled Away.

Hang me on your cross; Iím not going to be defeated because Iím going to defeat the symbol of sin and defeat. Drive your nails in my hands because I AM THE VICTORIOUS ONE HANGING HERE ON THIS OLD RUGGED CROSS.

Little did the soldiers and Satan realize that the nails driven into the hands and feet of Jesus the Christ had a special representation of the Trinity.

The nail that was driven in His left hand represented the Father, the nail driven into His right hand represented Christ Himself, and the nail driven into His feet represented the Holy Ghost which was to soon come.

We have the victory in Jesus Christ. Thereís Victory in Jesus.

Point Number 2: Soon and Very Soon Everything Will Be Perfect

Jesus knew that His death on the cross was the key of everything being made perfect. God assures us that He is going to perfect all things. He gives us three assurances.

One: God Himself assures us. God Himself spoke from the throne of heaven and declared emphatically that He was going to make all things new.

Revelation 21:5 says, And he that