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The church is compared to a house, and we are the individual building blocks.
Shared: 8/16/2002
Peter addresses the church and communicates the glad tidings that we, the people of God, possess tremendous privileges. The Church is privileged in that it is able to shine with & proclaim the excellencies of God.
Series: 1 Peter
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-2:10
Shared: 12/15/2013
God has intended for us to speak out and tell everyone about the miracle that He has performed in our lives--we have been chosen as His royal priesthood--chosen for His purposes.
Shared: 10/18/2003
This is the 1st sermon in the "Requirements For Revival" series. This sermon identifies what the Bible says about Christians.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:4-2:10
Shared: 5/31/2002
Peter says we are a royal priesthood. What does that mean for the average church goer? (this sermon had great effect to prompt members to greater involvement in the church.)
Series: All Grown Up
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:4-2:10
Shared: 1/14/2002
1- We are a chosen people 2- We are a royal priesthood 3- We are a holy nation
Series: I Peter
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-2:10
Shared: 8/15/2009
A message about the importance of finding and using the gifts God gives to every believer.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Tags: Judgment
Shared: 12/23/2003
A CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE pastor preaches the simple reality that God has made us a special people for the special purpose of performing a special function--ministry.
Denomination: Holiness
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-2:10
Shared: 2/23/2002
Contributor: Roddy Chestnut (132 sermons shared)
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-2:10
Tags: none
Shared: 10/18/2000
Nails were distributed to the congregation, so that they could test: if you wish to endure, you have to endure some pounding. Holes may be punched in you, too. But if you persist, ultimately you will be built up.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-2:10
Tags: Faith
Shared: 5/24/2003