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Paul calls Christians to utilize the most powerful ‘spiritual weapon’ they possess: prayer . . . ALWAYS!
Series: Ephesians
Shared: 4/3/2003
This message explains spiritual warfare and how it affects each of us. It also shows how we can protect ourselves from it.
Denomination: Nazarene
Shared: 3/12/2015
This sermon is designed to introduce the audience to the reality of spiritual warfare and equip them to be prepared for it.
Shared: 8/16/2004
This is a Memorial Day sermon for the wounded and hurting people in our churches. Does our church have any battle casualties?
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/4/2002
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 4/24/2001
Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual?
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Ephesians 6:12
Shared: 10/25/2001
God has given all believer power over evil spirits and the Devil and we must exercise our authority.
Tags: Satan
Shared: 12/30/2002
Let’s contrast the power & authority of Jesus & of Satan in our lives.
Shared: 1/3/2001
Spiritual Growth
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 11/13/2000
I believe I can safely assert that the devil spends more time in church than many Christians. It makes sense for him to do so. If he can hang around Christians & create confusion, division, or discouragement.... (PowerPoint available-#255)
Shared: 4/27/2004