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Coz von avatar
Suicide, - No mercy, or is there hope? thats the the burning question
Shared by: Coz von on Apr, 2016
Summary: Reason with me: Being haunted by multiple personalities, a schizophrenic can lose the ability to reason, How can God, who is just, condemn someone who is incapable of reasoning - Think about it, which one of the personalities would Be condemned.
David Roth avatar
Memory Eternal
Shared by: David Roth on Sep, 2015
Summary: Memorial Day. Man attempts to gain immortality be by remembered across the centuries. But memory still fades and true immortality is found only by being remembered by God for Christ's sake.
Robert Leroe avatar
Never Forgotten
Shared by: Robert Leroe on Jan, 2015
Summary: Isaiah is encouraging us to rest in God's comfort and acceptance, to surrender ourselves into His engraved hands, to trust Him for tomorrow.
Scripture: Isaiah 49:15-16
Denomination: Congregational
Views: 1,662
Rob Ketterling avatar
Anonymous Part 3
Shared by: Rob Ketterling on Dec, 2014
Summary: You Are Not Alone, You have a name, Names Matter
Series: Anonymous
Scripture: Isaiah 49:15-16
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,384
Ed Vasicek avatar
Messiah In Isaiah 49
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Mar, 2014
Summary: We need to understand Jesus and his mission as much as we can. Isaiah 49 presents, in prophetic verse, three truths about our Savior.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 49:1-16
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 577
Christopher Holdsworth avatar
The Restoration of God's People
Shared by: Christopher Holdsworth on Nov, 2013
Summary: Faithful preachers are sent to restore the earth, so that the meek may inherit it.
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:8-16
Views: 1,009
bala samson avatar
Engraved you in His Hands!
Shared by: bala samson on Sep, 2013
Summary: That’s an invitation from God! He wants you to come and see! The problem arises because we refuse to see what He shows and we are busy looking into the doctor’s report, HR report, friend’s statement and the bank statement. Are you listening to me?
Scripture: Isaiah 49:16
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,482
Vern Hall avatar
The Best Mother You Could Ever Have
Shared by: Vern Hall on Jun, 2012
Summary: Mother's Day
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 49:14-16
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 2,310
Sherm Nichols avatar
A Model for a Mother’s Love
Shared by: Sherm Nichols on Nov, 2011
Summary: Mother's Day Sermon. God’s love is well-demonstrated through the faithful love of mothers and it provides a model for mothers and all others to follow
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:14-16
Views: 1,419
Matthew Kratz avatar
The Time of God’s Favor
Shared by: Matthew Kratz on Nov, 2011
Summary: God shows his wondrous love and provision through His 1)Covenant (Isaiah 49:8-10), 2) Care (Isaiah 49:11-14), and 3) Compassion (Isaiah 49:15-16)
David DiYanni avatar
God Has Tattoos
Shared by: David DiYanni on Jan, 2011
Summary: Many pastors preach against tattoos, too bad they didn't tell God. He has tattoos on His hands!
based on 13 ratings
Denomination: Vineyard
Views: 10,426
c vincent avatar
God the writer
Shared by: c vincent on Nov, 2009
Summary: Looking at the times when God wrote with His own hand.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:16
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 1,704
Rodney Kelley avatar
Everlasting Remembrance
Shared by: Rodney Kelley on Jul, 2009
Summary: Through prophecy God declares His Grand Scheme
Scripture: Isaiah 49:1-16
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,189
Mark Haines avatar
Who Loves You More Than Mom?
Shared by: Mark Haines on May, 2009
Summary: We tend to think no one can love us as much as our mothers can. However, our mothers’ love is limited and one day they will die. Only God can love us more than our mothers can and he will never forget us or die.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Isaiah 49:15-16
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 2,789
Matthew Parker avatar
Moms Rock
Shared by: Matthew Parker on May, 2008
Summary: This is a sermon for Mother’s Day.
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:15-16
Views: 2,058
Bruce Ball avatar
Shared by: Bruce Ball on Nov, 2007
Summary: Society promises us wonderful things, but many times only gives us feelings of inadequacy. This is a sermon to remind you that you are important because you are a child of the Most-High God! Text & audio will be placed at - www.sermonlist.com
based on 56 ratings
Denomination: *other
Views: 30,379
Joey Nelson avatar
Decoding the Da Vinci Code: Listen to Your Mother!
Shared by: Joey Nelson on May, 2006
Summary: A Jewish proverb says, "God could not be everywhere so he made mothers." The power of a godly mother who understands the issues of the Faith and who takes the time to communicate those to her children surpasses the impact of a thousand Dan Brown’s.
based on 12 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:13-16
Views: 1,194
Lou Bartet avatar
God Loves You More Than Your Mom
Shared by: Lou Bartet on May, 2003
Summary: Mother’s Day message.
based on 49 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:14-16
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 3,375
Kenneth  Trent avatar
Shared by: Kenneth Trent on Nov, 2002
Summary: No greater compliment can be paid to motherhood than God comparing His great love for us with the tender, compassionate love of a godly mother toward her children.
based on 340 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 37,255
Joey Nelson avatar
A Mothers Love
Shared by: Joey Nelson on May, 2002
Summary: Mothers are soft voices saying, "I love you." And mothers are a link to God, a child’s first impression of God’s love. Mothers are all of these things and much, much more.
based on 159 ratings
Views: 11,637
Jason Frazier avatar
Reflections of a Father: Part 2
Shared by: Jason Frazier on Jun, 2001
Summary: These are reflections of being a new dad and how they correlate with our relationship with the Heavenly Father
based on 42 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 709
Andrew Chan avatar
Mothers, hands and nails
Shared by: Andrew Chan on May, 2001
Summary: Reflection on how God loves us with the imagery of mothers, hands and nails.
based on 126 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 49:13-16
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 2,867