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Ron Tuit avatar
A Cleansing Christ-like Distinctive
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Mar, 2014
Summary: Jesus' washing of His disciples feet provided a lesson in servanthood far more impressive than any verbal message.
Series: Upper Room
Bishop Lalachan Abraham avatar
To teach is to touch a life forever- part-2.
Shared by: Bishop Lalachan Abraham on Feb, 2013
Summary: You call Me Teacher and Lord; and you are right, for so I am. If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet, for I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you." John 13:13-15
based on 17 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13-15
Denomination: *other
Views: 15,284
Noal  Atkinson avatar
Why you should serve others
Shared by: Noal Atkinson on Mar, 2011
Summary: How did Jesus get people to wash his feet, listen to his every word, provide his food etc? He did it by washing other people's feet first, caring for them and giving them food. We learn that by serving others we become happier because of God's blessings a
based on 38 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 29,968
Andrew Papson III avatar
The Magnitude of the Master
Shared by: Andrew Papson III on Jan, 2011
Summary: God the All in All
based on 1 rating
Scripture: John 13:13-15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 558
Ajai Prakash avatar
Imitating Christ (Part 4)
Shared by: Ajai Prakash on Oct, 2010
Summary: Becoming like Christ is is our ultimate goal. Go ahead and put on Christ. At first it may feel unnatural or uncomfortable, and maybe you may think, “Who am I trying to fool?” But everyday just keep putting on Christ and everyday you will grow to look more
based on 10 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13-15
Views: 3,529
Madana Kumar, PhD avatar
God’s Love and Our duties
Shared by: Madana Kumar, PhD on Apr, 2010
Summary: God has demonstrated his love for us in no uncertain terms. How about us? Do we demonstrate our love for Him?
Brien Sims avatar
Finding Joy Through Service
Shared by: Brien Sims on Jun, 2008
Summary: Serving God with everthing you have and with all you are can bring you joy. Especially since you see that Jesus did the same.
based on 2 ratings
Views: 1,834
Ron MacArthur avatar
Being a servant
Shared by: Ron MacArthur on Mar, 2006
Summary: A brief discription of what servanthood should really mean.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: John 13:1-13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,241
Ron Hicks avatar
Judas! Judas! Judas!
Shared by: Ron Hicks on Sep, 2005
Summary: Don’t tell me money can by happiness. 30 pcs of silver. What was he thinking?
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13-21
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 591
Freddy Fritz avatar
Our Lord
Shared by: Freddy Fritz on Jun, 2004
Summary: In our study in the Apostles’ Creed we come to affirm our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord. In this sermon we learn what it means to affirm Jesus Christ as "our Lord."
based on 14 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 546
Dr. Stanley Vasu avatar
Shared by: Dr. Stanley Vasu on Jul, 2003
Summary: This sermon is about the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His authority over 1.SIN 2.SICKNESS 3.SCOURGE 4.STORM 5.SCHEMES 6.SATAN 7.SOVEREIGNS
based on 50 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 846
Keith Davis avatar
After The Heart of Judas
Shared by: Keith Davis on May, 2003
Summary: A look at the life of the one who betrayed Jesus.
based on 88 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13-21
Views: 3,866
Guy Caley avatar
WDJD? What DID Jesus Do?
Shared by: Guy Caley on Mar, 2003
Summary: 9th in the series "Conversations With Jesus." By washing the disciples feet Jesus demonstrated what’s important about servanthood.
based on 529 ratings
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 28,797
John Kohler avatar
Jesus: Master & Lord
Shared by: John Kohler on Jan, 2003
Summary: This outline focuses upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
based on 22 ratings
Scripture: John 13:13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,235
Arlen Payne avatar
It's Time to Pray (Short)
Shared by: Arlen Payne on Nov, 2002
Summary: Prayer is essential. It’s always time to pray. This is a short message about prayer.
based on 38 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 16,958
Glen Madden avatar
The Towel or The Sword
Shared by: Glen Madden on Jul, 2001
Summary: Will you choose the towel in life like Jesus?
based on 118 ratings
Scripture: John 13:1-13
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,358