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Perry Greene avatar
Funeral Sermon: 94 Year Old Christian Lady
Shared by: Perry Greene on Jan, 2017
Summary: Evelyn was baptized late in life and was faithful to the end.
Bill Walker avatar
Shared by: Bill Walker on Jan, 2017
Summary: Every person comes to faith differently. Mary Magdalene was one of the last people at the cross and first to the tomb. Although she was marginalized by society she was a loyal follower of Jesus.
Scripture: John 20:1-18
Views: 37
Gordon McCulloch avatar
When the Battle is Over; was it worth it. Why is it so difficult for us.
Shared by: Gordon McCulloch on Nov, 2016
Summary: Good things happens to bad people, and the Gospel tells us that, but it is not fair, but what we don’t see, is God changing us for the better, refining us to do his will. It is all there in the bible.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: John 20:19-31
Denomination: Episcopal
Views: 2,074
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Aug, 2016
Summary: We have the ability to take Jesus places. He is dependent on us to get around. He lives inside of us. Are we taking him sinful places? Are we hiding Him? Or are we going where He would naturally go?
Scripture: John 20:1-16
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 303
Ron Tuit avatar
“Jesus Arose from the Dead”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Aug, 2016
Summary: John gives clear evidence and witness that Jesus arose from the dead.
Ron Tuit avatar
“The Mission of the Church”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Aug, 2016
Summary: Jesus gives a proclamation of peace and which includes the commission, the message and mission of the Church.
Ron Tuit avatar
“Thomas: Believing the Risen King”
Shared by: Ron Tuit on Aug, 2016
Summary: Jesus' meeting with Thomas reveals the problem of a unbelieving heart and the persistence of a loving Savior to draw close to Him and believe and be blessed!
Tony Abram avatar
Shared by: Tony Abram on Jul, 2016
Summary: There is a right relationship between a miracle and the Messiah. Jesus healed the paralytic’s to prove that He could solve the man’s bigger problem of sin. You could go to heaven with a sick body but not a sick soul. Salvation is the greatest miracle.
John Gaston avatar
Shared by: John Gaston on Jun, 2016
Summary: Almost nothing can come with us from this world to the next. But the Bible records four things from this world that Jesus took back with Him to heaven. To this list you can always add souls!
Scripture: John 20:27-28
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 654
Mike Fogerson avatar
Jesus’ Resurrection: The Event That Changed History
Shared by: Mike Fogerson on Jun, 2016
Summary: Jesus' birth, life, preaching, message, miracles, death, blood, resurrection are the events that history revolves around.
Scripture: John 20:6-8
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 147
Dr.W.Samuel Legon avatar
Shared by: Dr.W.Samuel Legon on Jun, 2016
Summary: What a day this must have been see the master alive.
David Simpson avatar
From Locked Doors to Joyful Praise
Shared by: David Simpson on May, 2016
Summary: The living and resurrected Christ ought to make a difference in our lives. The resurrection changes us!
Clair Sauer avatar
Got Peace?
Shared by: Clair Sauer on Apr, 2016
Summary: After his resurrection, Christ repeatedly offers peace to his disciples. Christ understands our need for true peace.
Scripture: John 20:19-31
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 86
Bruce Lee avatar
Disciple Stories
Shared by: Bruce Lee on Apr, 2016
Summary: The disciples report sighting Jesus after the Resurrection.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: John 20:27-28
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 960
What Do You Believe?
Shared by: PHIL FUTORAN on Apr, 2016
Summary: Many think that John, upon seeing the grave clothes, believed that Jesus had risen. This sermon challenges that view and, more importantly, what we really believe (live out).
Bruce Lee avatar
the Women's Tale
Shared by: Bruce Lee on Apr, 2016
Summary: The women report sighting Jesus after the Resurrection.
based on 2 ratings
Scripture: John 20:18
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 860
Kevin Thacker avatar
A Little Farther
Shared by: Kevin Thacker on Apr, 2016
Summary: Could you go a little farther? What areas in your life do you only go so far, only to find out you missed a blessing because you didn't go far enough. In this message, we look at a few areas in which we could go a little a farther.
Scripture: John 20:1-7
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 487
Joe Farnella avatar
Stop Doubting and Believe
Shared by: Joe Farnella on Apr, 2016
Summary: This is a sermon on Thomas. A play on the word Didymus Means twin. And using the Illustration from Austin Powers Mini me (The unbelieving side of us) I am sure this is not original as many have preach on this message at some time or the other.
Scripture: John 20:24-29
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 339
Revd. Martin Dale avatar
Two post resurrection appearances of Jesus in Jn 20
Shared by: Revd. Martin Dale on Apr, 2016
Summary: God treats us an individuals and knows our specific needs just as he did with MAry, Peter and Thomas and the unnamed disciples of Jn 20
Scripture: John 20:19-31
Denomination: Anglican
Views: 234
David Henderson avatar
Easter Message for Kids
Shared by: David Henderson on Apr, 2016
Summary: This message is brief and is for children on Easter morning.
Scripture: John 20:10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 408
Kenneth Sauer avatar
"Got Peace"
Shared by: Kenneth Sauer on Mar, 2016
Summary: A sermon about the peace only Jesus can give.
Scripture: John 20:19-31
Denomination: United Methodist
Views: 255
Allan Quak avatar
Confusion Reigns
Shared by: Allan Quak on Mar, 2016
Summary: The empty tomb produces confusion, yet Jesus is still at work
Series: John 18-21
Allan Quak avatar
Jesus Keeps Appearing
Shared by: Allan Quak on Mar, 2016
Summary: Jesus appears to different people to bring them an understanding of the hope He can give
Series: John 18-21
Scripture: John 20:10-30
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 287
Ed Vasicek avatar
"Return from the Dead"
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Mar, 2016
Summary: Whether we are or are not convinced that Christ rose from the dead does not affect the reality of the Resurrection. But if we accept its reality by faith and live consistently in light of it, it changes our lives like nothing else can.
randy edwards avatar
"The Fullness of the Empty Tomb" Easter 2016
Shared by: randy edwards on Mar, 2016
Summary: Easter Sunday message
randy edwards avatar
Easter Sunrise Service 2016
Shared by: randy edwards on Mar, 2016
Summary: Sunrise Service
James Snyder avatar
Easter Sunday: The Impact Of Christ’s Resurrection On Us Today
Shared by: James Snyder on Mar, 2016
Summary: I need to define my belief and make sure it is on a foundation and I need to make sure the foundation is solid. David said, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3).
Scripture: John 20:1-11
Views: 120
Kevin Barron avatar
Because He Lives
Shared by: Kevin Barron on Mar, 2016
Summary: This sermon focuses on the meaning of the Resurrection for our lives today.
Matthew Parker avatar
Thomas, the Disciple (no longer The Doubter)
Shared by: Matthew Parker on Mar, 2016
Summary: This is a post-easter message that focusses on the struggle of Thomas to come to terms with the fantastic news of the resurrection of Jesus.
Scripture: John 20:19-29
Views: 1,580
Fr Mund Cargill Thompson avatar
Seeing the moon-walking bear
Shared by: Fr Mund Cargill Thompson on Mar, 2016
Summary: Whatever it feels like, even if you haven't noticed yet - it is a happy Easter!