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We need to deal with our past in order to experience not only the forgiveness that Jesus brought to us on the cross , but to understand that his grace is sufficient. Forgiving ourselves is part of the Christian package. Beloved, His grace is sufficient!
Denomination: Anglican
Shared: 4/15/2013
This sermon focuses on Peter’s restoration by looking at the impact of his denials and what he learned from it, primarily that he needed to be honest with God about His spiritual condition.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:19
Shared: 5/13/2003
There ought to be a spirit of excitement & joy that permeates the church. He is alive! Jesus Christ has won!
Scripture: John 21:1-21:14
Shared: 1/24/2001
The third message in my SURVIVOR series, showing how we can receive forgiveness and restoration when we sin (09-29-2002).
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:17
Shared: 9/30/2002
1. It is important to listen to Jesus and obey him. 2. We meet God when we come to the end of our resources. 3. You have to put your net in where the fish are.
Denomination: Methodist
Shared: 10/23/2005
Peter is given as an example of one of the first preachers who wanted to quit, from this text we can glean three questions that can cause us to desire to quit.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:22
Shared: 6/25/2002
What made Simon Peter, a man of failures, become Simon Peter, a man of fame?
Denomination: Adventist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:19
Shared: 10/14/2003
There are times when people for one reason or another may drift back to where they were before when they were awakened spiritually.
Denomination: United Methodist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:19
Tags: Faith
Shared: 5/4/2001
Exposition of John 21:1-19
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 21:1-21:19
Shared: 3/20/2002
This sermon deals with the three steps you can take to overcome frustration
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: John 21:1-21:14
Shared: 2/11/2003