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A "generic" message based on Psalm 23 that easily accomodates a variety of situations. Pastors will find that adding personal notes about the deceased is easy to do. This sermon may be particularly helpful when conducting a funeral of someone the minister did not personally know.
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Shared: 3/2/2001
What did Jesus mean when he said: "I am the Bread of Life?"
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: John 6:25-6:40
Shared: 5/14/2003
People often want Jesus to meet their percieved needs. Jesus often graciously does. Yet He calls us to see our real need that He came to satisfy.
Series: John
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 6:25-6:40
Shared: 7/28/2008
(Devotional Series 3/50) What do you put first in life?
Shared: 12/6/2004
When we follow Jesus, we find satisfaction.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 6:22-6:40
Shared: 6/25/2002
A simple sermon for our service for Older Folks.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 6:32-6:40
Shared: 10/6/2005
Carlyle said, "labor is life." While that is a true satement it can be misleading.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 6:27-6:40
Shared: 4/11/2006
Why Jesus Came
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: John 6:38-6:40
Shared: 12/29/2002
Since Jesus is the Bread of Life as we believe in Jesus he fills/quenches our spiritual hunger and thirst now and forever.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: John 6:25-6:40
Shared: 1/24/2007
What does the Bible teach about security?
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 6:38-6:40
Shared: 3/26/2007