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God’s formula for Joshua’s success is a model for today’s believer.
Shared: 5/23/2002
Joshua was raised up to continue the work of God. God gave him three assurances, and I believe that every believer needs to be aware of these assurances for they help us in receiving our inherited promise as well.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:9
Shared: 6/13/2002
As God promised Joshua after Moses’ passing, so He would promise us in the face of grief and death, "I will be with you."
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:9
Shared: 5/16/2003
Assuming leadership roles can often be tough. It requires being strong & courageous. This sermon shares Biblical advice as to how we can be strong & courageous.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:18
Shared: 6/4/2003
I’m walking away from the day of miracles, I’ve had enough of it and I’m leaving it behind!
Shared: 1/23/2002
When God calls a leader He equips him to be successful in the task.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:9
Tags: Joshua
Shared: 12/1/2000
A New Year’s sermon that tries to help the listener find success by following Joshua’s example.
Denomination: Nazarene
Shared: 12/29/2002
We must have the courage to move forward.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:9
Tags: Endurance
Shared: 7/22/2003
An uplifting sermon about the future based on a Stephen F. Olford study
Shared: 1/2/2003
This message will prepare a Church to conquer new spiritual territory.
Denomination: Holiness
Scripture: Joshua 1:1-1:18
Tags: Joshua
Shared: 11/25/2001