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bala samson avatar
Wrath of God!
Shared by: bala samson on Mar, 2014
Summary: When you continue to live and practice sin, (habitually) you are open to the wrath of God!
Scripture: Romans 1:18-19
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 239
William D. Brown avatar
Shared by: William D. Brown on Nov, 2012
Summary: Have you ever wondered about the untold billions of people from Adam unto now that has never heard of Jesus, what will happen to these people, how will God judge these people?
Scripture: Romans 1:19-20
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 466
R. Escoanyelin Ortiz avatar
The Atheism Illusion
Shared by: R. Escoanyelin Ortiz on Mar, 2012
Summary: The reasons why i dont believe in atheism
Scripture: Romans 1:19
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,493
Monte Brown avatar
God is Known
Shared by: Monte Brown on Apr, 2010
Summary: There is one question that has always plagued man and that is; so what about those in the deepest remote parts of the world that have not heard the gospel; will they be exempt from judgment?
Scripture: Romans 1:19-26
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 416
Josue Martinez avatar
La Existencia de Dios
Shared by: Josue Martinez on Apr, 2008
Summary: Cinco evidencias racionales de la existencia de Dios.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-25
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 3,304
Carl Kolb avatar
I Am Not Ashamed
Shared by: Carl Kolb on Jan, 2008
Summary: A baptism message
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:16-19
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 674
aaron legendre avatar
Wheres the proof?
Shared by: aaron legendre on Oct, 2007
Summary: So everyone ask’s wheres the proof. I wrote this after someone asked me. I pointed them on the path of where threw scriptures.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-20
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 482
J C Prince avatar
Shared by: J C Prince on Oct, 2007
Summary: Of all the things God could have chosen as the road to salvation. Why did he choose Faith?
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Romans 1:13-19
Denomination: *other
Views: 333
Freddy Fritz avatar
Reasons for the Wrath of God
Shared by: Freddy Fritz on Mar, 2007
Summary: In Romans 1:19-23, Paul gives three reasons why every person born--with the exception of Jesus Christ--fully deserves the wrath of God.
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-23
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 2,649
David Parks avatar
Judas - A Nominal Desciple
Shared by: David Parks on Sep, 2006
Summary: A New Year’s sermon challenging member to be more than just a name on the role.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:15-19
Views: 437
Michael Davidson avatar
Life without Immanuel: Living in Spiritual Darkness
Shared by: Michael Davidson on Dec, 2005
Summary: When man chooses to live life apart from (God) Immanuel – man first rejects God’s self-revelation.
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-21
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,111
Don Jaques avatar
Shared by: Don Jaques on Feb, 2004
Summary: The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin from which there is hope of freedom in Jesus Christ.
based on 21 ratings
Views: 825
This is a Bible
Shared by: ROBERT SIMMONS on Feb, 2002
Summary: Vince Lombardi rallied the spirits of his waning football team by demanding that these professional NFL superstars return to the basics. "THIS IS A FOOTBALL" he told them. This sermon is a call back to the fundamentals "THIS IS A BIBLE"
based on 9 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-28
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 357
Jeff Mims avatar
The Wrath of God
Shared by: Jeff Mims on Feb, 2002
Summary: Some people cannot reconcile God’s judgment and wrath with the Christian gospel of love, mercy, and grace. Nevertheless, Scripture makes clear that justice, wrath, and judgment are as much divine attributes as are love mercy, and grace.
Series: Romans
based on 69 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-21
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 4,130
Jeffery Richards avatar
Right or Wrong: God's View of Homosexuality
Shared by: Jeffery Richards on Aug, 2001
Summary: Hot topic but important topic; this message takes a close look at some of the lies of homosexuality. It compares them with the truth of God’s Word and closes with a planned approach.
based on 191 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-32
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,716
Frank Gallagher avatar
Essence Of God (God's Nature or Character)
Shared by: Frank Gallagher on Jun, 2001
Summary: This lesson teaches the ten essences (divine attributes) of God, and how we as believers can use this knowedge as a problem-solving rationale.
based on 78 ratings
Scripture: Romans 1:19-20
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 7,968