machine, its inventor a genius at putting it all together. When asked what it did, well, it did nothing except make everything work and look good. Pseudo-Christianity, looks good on the outside, but Christ has been excluded, it runs well without Him, after all, when God comes, he messes up our plans. But let God come and see what happens, He will refine His plans for our life. What kind of trade off do you want?
God said, Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? I hope you understand he did not say this before Isaiah had worked through the process. Oh, he did use the prophet before this experience, but in a much limited way. Just read the book of Isaiah and you will discover a changed man, a great ministry, and greater results after chapter 6 then before. When you have stood in the presence of God there becomes no hesitation, no worry of inconvenience, no lack of desire to move out. Remember we have a room of angels that are shouting so loud the building is shaking, we have a room filled with smoke. We have Isaiah who has heard the voice of God lay out a challenge. I can hear Isaiah, not in a small voice, but one that wants to be heard above the sounds in the room, "Here am I, send me!"
So today, God always wants to draw you into His Temple, the inner court. What will happen when you see God? It is my prayer you will work through this chapter this week, but even more, I want to share the experience of seeing God right now, here in this room. He is here now, standing in our midst, his train fills the temple and he is waiting for you.