Sell Out, Or Sold Out
7/28/2002 Genesis 26:1-11 Luke 14:25-33 Matthew 13:44-47
If somebody asked you, on a scale of one to 10, with one being very low and 10 being the highest rating you could have, ďhow sold out to Jesus are youĒ, what number would you give yourself? Now if the same question was given to Jesus about you, would Jesus give you a higher number or a lower one.

What keeps us from being sold out to Jesus, is that all of us are tempted to sell him out. Have you ever put confidence in another person, and just knew they were going to come through for you only to have them sell you out in the end? What feeling did it leave you with inside? Do you think Jesus ever feels that way about us?

We saw what was a sold out situation turn into a sell out. Rebekah was one fine and good looking sister. When Isaac first saw her, there was not a happier man anywhere around. He was sold out on his wife. Then one day, a famine came to his country and he went to the land of the Philistines. He was tempted to go down to Egypt like his father Abraham had done many years earlier. But God told him, ďDo not go to Egypt. I will take care of you in this land. Stay in this land for a while and I will bless you. Because of a promise I made with your father Abraham, I will make your descendants to many to count.Ē

Now with a direct word from God like that, you would have thought Isaac would have been sold out to God. He was in the place that God had told him to be. Yet, the temptation to sell out God was still there. Isaac got to thinking, ďok, God Iíll do what you told me to do, but Iíve got to have some room to fix this thing up.Ē Isaac looked at his wife, and how beautiful she was, and decided, he loved her, but he loved his own life a little more.

When the men asked him, who was that fine looking woman traveling with him, he would say, ďthatís my sister.Ē He was afraid if he told them that was his wife, they would kill him in order to get to her. But to save his own skin, he put his wife at risk of being raped or kidnapped by the men of the community. His fear of what might happen to him, turned him into a sellout rather than being sold out for God and his wife. If you were Rebekkah, how would you have felt about this? How do you think God felt?

The thing Isaac thought God couldnít handle, the moment it became known that she was his wife, God touched the kingís heart to give special protection to Isaac and to Rebekah. This was Godís plan from the beginning, but whenever we choose to sell out, we miss out on Godís best for us.

Letís look at a couple of parables that Jesus told to his disciples about the kingdom of heaven. The first is found in Matthew 14:44. It says in Matthew 13:44 "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.