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You test the spirit behind religious teachers by knowing the truth & walking in the Spirit of Truth. You need to know how to walk in the Spirit of God & test the spirits because there are many deceiving spirits in the world today.
Series: 1 John
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 John 4:1-4:6
Shared: 1/28/2013
The Christian who is real builds his life on truth, not superstition or lies. It is impossible to live a life that is truly spiritual by believing lies. That’s why it is essential to get our thinking right about Jesus Christ.
Series: 1 John
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 12/2/2012
Israel, the Mid East, Iran, and the "Magog connection" of Ezek. 38-39. Signs of the times are everywhere. Thank God Jesus is coming back for His own before these 4 ride into town! Link included to formatted MS Word text and PowerPoint Presentation.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/3/2006
The antichrist will: 1. Create a one-world government. 2. Create a one-world economy. 3. Create a one-world religion.
Series: Revelation
Denomination: Methodist
Shared: 2/10/2002
This is the 16th sermon in the series "The End". This sermon is about the Antichrist.
Series: The End
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/10/2002
Should doubt about my salvation be the basis for fear of the 2nd coming?
Shared: 12/19/2000
A Biblical Profile of an Antichrist
Series: Knowing God
Denomination: Wesleyan
Scripture: 1 John 2:18-2:23
Shared: 11/1/2001
Jesus rode into town on Sunday, and He rose on the next Super Sunday, but He gave these super teachings about the end of the world on Tuesday. Link inc. to formatted text, audio & video, and PowerPoint Presentation.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/31/2008
The mark of the Beast, 666, has caused many to be afraid. But we shouldn’t be. It is the mark of Satan’s end. Thus it is he that should fear, not us.
Shared: 4/10/2002
Understand this and the rest is much more clear. Jesus said to turn back to Daniel and see the 70 Weeks of Years - the most amazing prophecy in the Bible! Link inc. to formatted text, audio, and PowerPoint.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Daniel 9:24-9:27
Shared: 1/30/2008