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Sermon for Independence Day -Jesus is the LIFE- In the Presence of the Lord there is LIBERTY & Happiness can be found...
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: John 8:36-8:37
Shared: 6/17/2002
How To Over Come Hurt
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: 2 Samuel 4:3-4:4
Shared: 6/11/2002
I Refuse To Be A Prisoner of War! Jesus came to set you free Indeed
Denomination: Apostolic
Shared: 4/7/2003
The church is not an organization but an organism.
Denomination: Apostolic
Shared: 9/17/2012
Who we associate with can often times determine our destiny.
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:1-13:5
Shared: 1/12/2012
David had more than one giant in his life...
Denomination: Apostolic
Shared: 1/12/2012
There are striking similarities between someone intoxicated and a person drunk on Jesus!
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: Acts 2:14-2:17
Shared: 1/12/2012
Five characteristics of an apostolic congregation.
Scripture: Romans 15:14-15:33
Shared: 7/16/2001
Some people say "A Troubled World Needs a Church in Revival", this may be true, but I think "A Church in Revival Needs a Troubled World"!!!
Denomination: Charismatic
Scripture: Habakkuk 3:2
Shared: 3/1/2008
A church must seek change in order that it continue to be relevant John Stott promotes this while holding on the 4 essential marks
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 2:42-2:47
Shared: 10/12/2009