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Jesus has brought peace; destroying the walls between us and making his people ONE in him.
Series: Ephesians
Shared: 1/30/2003
Paul calls Christians to utilize the most powerful ‘spiritual weapon’ they possess: prayer . . . ALWAYS!
Series: Ephesians
Shared: 4/3/2003
The third in a series on the seven sayings of Christ on the cross.
Series: SE7EN
Shared: 3/27/2007
The first in a series on the seven sayings of Christ on the cross.
Series: SE7EN
Scripture: Luke 23:32-23:34
Shared: 3/20/2007
Quick question: Who was Othniel? Give up? Most people would. He's not all that memorable to most believers... but he was to God. God chose him to be the very first judge of Israel. But why him, and why should we care?
Scripture: Judges 3:7-3:11
Shared: 10/19/2014
Nazareth would seem to be an insignificant backwater town. That's how most scholars have painted it. The city didn't even seem to make much difference in the life of Christ. But is there more to its story?
Scripture: Luke 2:1-2:4
Shared: 12/7/2014
What’s the underlying doctrine to the Da Vinci code? Gnosticism. The da Vinci code is one more example of a resurgence of an ancient heresy.
Scripture: 1 John 1:1-1:3
Shared: 5/3/2006
Anger is a detector of injustice, but, like God we should be slow in our response
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Jonah 4:1-4:4
Tags: Racism
Shared: 2/22/2007
We have all experienced being caught in the cycle of sin. Moving from thoughts, to actions, to covering it up, to promises not do it again, to repeating it. So how do we break the cycle?
Denomination: Christian Church
Shared: 2/23/2012