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1- We must hunger and thirst 2- We must strive for purity
Shared: 5/22/2006
James tells us why we must not slander one another. 1- Slandering makes you a judge of others 2- Slandering makes you above the law 3- Slandering makes you above the lawgiver
Scripture: James 4:11-4:12
Shared: 6/2/2012
A message for the wicked rich and the reasoning behind it. 1- Their wealth is rotten 2- Their luxury is indulgent
Scripture: James 5:1-5:6
Shared: 6/19/2012
Fourth in a series on James. Deals with the fact that there are a number of ways in which favoritism shows up in the church today.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: James 2:1-2:13
Shared: 8/29/2005
Third in a series on James. Three step plan for benefiting from the Word of God.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/29/2005
Second in a series on James. This message gives principles for dealing with temptation.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: James 1:13-1:18
Shared: 8/29/2005
#1 in the Nehemiah series. Nehemiah’s story parallel’s the path that a backslidden Christian, or any man without God, must walk if he is to be saved and victorious in the end.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-1:11
Shared: 5/3/2006
Message #1 in the Book of James series dealing with what is known of James’ background and the opening salutation of his epistle.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: James 1:1-1:4
Shared: 8/22/2007
An introductory message to a study of the book of James.
Series: James
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: James 1:1
Shared: 7/13/2009
#5 in the Book of James Series. James focuses in on the greatest of all good and perfect gifts that come down from the Father of Lights.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Tags: Salvation
Shared: 9/19/2007