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This is a candle light praise service that I planned for our church.
Denomination: Wesleyan
Shared: 4/3/2004
This is a Candlelight service using different candles and narrative to tell the Christmas story.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 12/13/2000
Our Candlelight Service for 2004 as will be presented Christmas Eve. This is submitted to share an idea that might be beneficial to smaller churches.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 1:1-1:14
Shared: 12/22/2004
One candle pierces the darkness, but many candles together shed light on everything within the darkness. Text & audio will be placed at www.sermonlist.com
Denomination: Nazarene
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/18/2007
Candlelight Communion Service given on Dec. 23, 2009 at our church.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Luke 2:1-2:15
Shared: 12/23/2009
Service order and message (message posted with service).
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 5:14-5:16
Shared: 12/11/2006
Simple candlelight service for incorporating the Advent Wreath for non-liturgical/non-traditional denominations. This version targets single adults in the area of Hope but can be modified for the best use of your particular congregation.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 12/10/2003
Candle lighting service using poems, congregational singing, and a short sermon.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 2:8-2:20
Shared: 12/14/2006
Congregational candlelight service. Excellent symbolism. May be used for Christmas, Good Friday or Easter
Scripture: John 8:12
Shared: 12/28/2006
Adapted from the United Methodist Book of Worship for Advent. This service outline utilizes favorite Christmas Carols and lessons form both the Old and New Testaments.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Luke 2:1-2:20
Shared: 12/23/2006