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Message discussing how our mouth reflects what’s in our heart.
Denomination: *Other
Shared: 5/30/2006
Five ways our tongues get us into trouble, and two correct responses
Denomination: Holiness
Scripture: Proverbs 18:21
Shared: 2/9/2003
The first in a series on learning to listen to God.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Matthew 13:9-13:17
Shared: 10/20/2004
Using Communication Concepts in Growing & Planting Churches- Communication Guidelines For Evangelism
Scripture: Romans 10:9-10:10
Shared: 8/13/2001
Jesus calls us to tell the truth in a way that goes far beyond being legally accurate.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 5:33-5:37
Shared: 2/4/2006
Sign at the entrance to a psychiatric hospital: Do you want to be right or Do you want to be well? How one handles an arguement might indicate how well we really are?
Series: Wisdom
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Proverbs 15:1-15:4
Shared: 11/3/2006
This is a sermon about something we all do, it’s about listening. Though we all listen many are no effective listerners at all. God has something to say and we must listen.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 7:51-7:54
Shared: 7/14/2005
There is great confidence that comes from knowing that we have eternal life right now. But what about the needs & problems of daily life? Jesus helped people when He was here on earth; does He still help us? Is He responsible for & responsive to His child
Series: 1 John
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 3/18/2013
Is there a need for flexibility in the modern church? This sermon will examine and answer that question.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Shared: 10/18/2006
The Meaning of Prayer
Series: Prayer
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 6:8-6:15
Shared: 11/6/2009