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One person once observed: “If men will not understand the meaning of judgment, they will never come to understand the meaning of grace.” So, what is the "meaning of judgment"? And what does that tell us about "the meaning of grace"?
Series: I Predict
Shared: 1/31/2011
So let’s once again become individuals that make interest and don’t pay it, and let’s once again become a nation that’s able to loan and to give.
Scripture: Deuteronomy 28:12
Shared: 3/16/2012
We must often be stripped of one season before we can enter another. Putting the past behind us. Comparing your season to someone else's can lead to great disappointment, don't do it!
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 12/30/2013
This sermon communicates the truth that Christ has completely overturned the effects of Adam’s sin by comparing and contrasting Adam’s death-dealing sin and Jesus Life-giving gift.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Romans 5:12-5:21
Shared: 3/5/2008
First in a series on the life of David describing the perils of comparison and finding one’s true worth in the way God views us, his child created in his very own image.
Series: david.com
Denomination: Methodist
Tags: David
Shared: 9/19/2006
God destroyed the world with water because it had become so wicked. This will happen again with the second coming of Christ. This message tells several comparisons of how the will be the same.
Shared: 2/25/2012
Adapted from [Change} Smelly Socks the Sermon, this is a sermon for use in rest homes. Again it touchs on teh point that Christchurch our city having been hit by a series of earthquakes is by and large being demolished and rebuilt. Alot for the elderly to
Denomination: Salvation Army
Scripture: James 1:16-1:17
Shared: 8/6/2012
As we consider:Are you leaving too.. we address the issue of COMPARING self to other.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Tags: Endurance
Shared: 5/30/2002
The Bible compares our life to many things so that we may realize how short it is and how important it is for us to number our days.
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Psalms 90:9-90:12
Shared: 11/14/2010
part 2 of Avoiding the comparison traps of life. we cannot compare ourselves to each others faults or successes. we must compare ourselves to what the Lord desires for our lives.
Denomination: Nazarene
Scripture: Luke 18:9-18:14
Shared: 4/25/2008