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Paulís personal epitaph provides insight into what it means for every believer to be ready and waiting to face the reality of death.
Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:6-4:8
Shared: 9/1/2005
Stephen is an example of living and dying (1) without fear, (2) without bitterness, (3) focused on Christ, (4)immersed in scripture.
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: Acts 7:54-8:1
Shared: 11/17/2005
This is the fifth message in a series called "The Basic Questions of Life.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 2/22/2001
Funeral service for elderly Christian lady who was active in church work and mission work within the community.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 6/11/2001
We all make mistakes in life, but some can be very bad.
Scripture: Luke 12:13-12:21
Shared: 7/30/2003
About making right choices
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 2 Kings 7:3-7:9
Shared: 7/22/2001
A eulogy for a saved person. The name of the deceased has been removed. Insert any name of any deceased saved person and this sermon will preach!
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Chronicles 2:9
Shared: 8/20/2003
This sermon was delivered to help those who are bereaved, especially believers who are struggling with the guilt of grief.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Genesis 4:1-4:8
Shared: 2/8/2001
Jesus only raised 3 people (that I know of) from the dead. Why didnít He raise everybody out of the grave? Why just people like this only son of the widow of Nain?
Scripture: Luke 7:11-7:17
Shared: 4/15/2012
James gives us the proper perspective for life. 1- Donít be quick to make plans in life 2- Recognize how quickly life disappears 3- Seek the Lordís will in all things 4- Acknowledge the sin of doing nothing
Scripture: James 4:13-4:17
Shared: 6/2/2012