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An exposition of Psalm 59
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 59:1-59:17
Shared: 11/1/2005
The games are on every day. Basketball now takes center stage. March Madness and the game it features teaches us kingdom principles that can help us win in the game of life!
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Genesis 2:2-2:3
Shared: 3/19/2009
The access to Godís grace has been opened to all through the death of Jesus Christ.
Denomination: Adventist
Shared: 12/29/2002
Do we live our lives on purpose, by accident? Do Christians have a destiny?
Shared: 5/25/2002
This is the fifth sermon in the series "Finding Freedom From Sin". This sermon compares those who are living in sin and those who are following God.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Kings 21:1-21:29
Tags: Addiction
Shared: 8/31/2001
A look at some of the crumbs that fell from the Masterís table.
Denomination: Wesleyan
Shared: 7/21/2003
Spiritual blindness is nothing new. What is it like to live with opened eyes, fully seeing Godís magnificent gifts for our lives?
Denomination: United Methodist
Shared: 6/23/2003
Fear God? Seriously? I thought that was "so" Old Testament. But 18 times Proverbs repeats the theme that wise people will "fear the LORD". Can fearing God actually be a good thing?
Scripture: Proverbs 9:10
Shared: 5/5/2013
Donít let the title fool you this DOG will hunt. Pun intended!
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: 1 Samuel 5:2-5:4
Shared: 2/25/2003
Life can be tough and often seems unfair but we serve a fair God.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Matthew 20:1-20:16
Tags: Envy
Shared: 10/15/2004