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Jesus said He offered a different peace than the world did. But what kind of peace does the world offer us and how is what Jesus gives better than that?
Scripture: Luke 2:13-2:14
Shared: 12/30/2012
Why would the world hate Jesus? What is there about His message that makes them so upset? Uses the advertisement against Christmas the American Humanist Organization used 5 years ago to explore those questions.
Scripture: John 15:18-15:25
Shared: 12/15/2013
What impressed Jesus in this story was the faith of the men who'd brought their friend to him - a friend who was crippled and lived in a low place of life. The phrase is "Jesus saw their faith." What does that mean? And what can it mean to us?
Scripture: Luke 5:17-5:26
Shared: 5/18/2014
This is number six in a series of sermons on the John Brown Church Covenant of 1858 which with some variation is the covenant that our church uses. this message deals with alcohol, drugs, and sexual immorality.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/21/2008
Why sing? Isn’t singing just for "singers"? And what if I don’t like the songs? Do I have to sing anyway?
Series: Plan B
Scripture: Ephesians 5:19
Shared: 11/15/2009
Substance abuse is dangerous and detrimental. In this lesson we learn from the mistakes of biblical characters.
Tags: Addiction
Shared: 7/24/2007
What happens when we are caught off guard and drug before the feet of Jesus?
Denomination: Adventist
Scripture: John 8:2-8:11
Shared: 3/8/2005
Drinking alcohol is not wise because the end result may be like Zach and it is not wise because it will beat upon one's mind and body and because it puts the brain to sleep and because just small amounts begin to effect one in bad ways quickly and because
Series: Alcohol
Scripture: Proverbs 20:1
Shared: 3/1/2010
Sunday, March 16, 1997 is Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Sunday. It is biblical to abstain from using alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drug abuse has reached a frightening level. Recent statistics indicate 105,000 Americans die each year in alcohol re
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11-2:12
Tags: Addiction
Shared: 1/14/2006