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What is the Altar a Place for?
Series: The Altar
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 5/28/2014
This sermon looks at Five Character Traits God desires in a Christian. 1. COMPASSION 2. CONSISTENCY 3. COOPERATION 4. COMMITMENT 5. COURAGE
Denomination: *Other
Shared: 12/3/2009
It seems like the society we live in continues to worsen every day. David felt the same way about the day he lived in. By looking at how David handled his ungodly surroundings, we can get some clues as to how we should respond to ours.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 12:1-12:8
Shared: 1/29/2011
A Godly leader must have a heart for the work of God. When Godís work is suffering reproach, it directly reflects upon Godís reputation.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-1:11
Shared: 1/18/2003
Hannah can bless us today with some great lessons for life: 1. Beware the bitterness trap (vs. 1-10) 2. Take your troubles to the Lord (vs. 10-18) 3. Give your best to God (vs. 11) 4. Rest in the truth that God will remember you (vs. 17-20)
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-1:20
Shared: 5/14/2007
What will fervent prayer do to enable us to have Godly relationships? Letís discover what Jesus practiced.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 9:28-9:36
Shared: 8/24/2003
Esto es una serie de mensajes acerca de hombres de Dios que oraron y que podemos aprender de ellos.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-1:11
Tags: Nehemiah
Shared: 11/17/2006
Who is the Praying Wife? She is simply "The woman who communicates with God (i.e intercedes) on behalf of her husband and her home regularly.
Shared: 3/5/2013
You can have a great prayer life. Letís look at this prayer of Moses and find out how.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 90:1-90:17
Shared: 8/16/2009
Are you a woman who prays? If your answer is yes, praise God, but if you are not or you feel in your heart that you do not pray/talk to the Lord as much as you should, my prayer is after this series, you will be fired up to open that communication line wi
Scripture: Matthew 6:16-6:18
Shared: 3/5/2013