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God says He will guide & direct us. He will led us into a balanced life & proper decisions. The big question though is will we obey God's will if He reveals it to us? Trusting & obeying is what is absolutely necessary to be guided by God.
Series: Proverbs
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-3:6
Shared: 9/8/2011
The motives of our heart are of extreme importance in getting guidance from God. Baalam was a spiritual man but the greed in his heart caused him to miss God’s will for his life.
Series: Guidance
Denomination: Charismatic
Scripture: Numbers 22:1-22:35
Shared: 4/9/2006
"My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Genesis 22:1-22:14
Shared: 10/6/2014
An Expository Message on Genesis 24:1-14 on How God Will Guide Believers Into His Perfect Will
Scripture: Genesis 24:1-24:14
Shared: 5/9/2002
The valleys of life are not dead-end streets, because God provides a way for us to get through.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Psalms 23:1-23:6
Shared: 3/31/2013
What do you do when everything seems to go wrong, when you have more to do than you can possibly accomplish, & you’re not sure what to do next? How do you get the most out of life in times like that? (Powerpoints Available - #146)
Shared: 8/4/2012
This is a sermon on Prov. 3:5,6 showing that if we trust in the Lord instead of ourselves He will guide us.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-3:6
Shared: 8/20/2002
How does God guide us in the decisions we have to make? This sermon provides an outline of a Biblical model of guidance, using Colossians 3.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Shared: 12/15/2002
I can't imagine packing the removal truck and saying to the driver to pull out without knowing what town you wanted him to go to. "DON'T ASK QUESTIONS! JUST DRIVE!" Sounds like a terrorist trying to hijack a vehicle.
Series: Genesis
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-12:9
Shared: 3/10/2010
This is the second of four sermons from the book of Ruth. It deals with the question, "Is God actively involved in my life."
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Ruth 2:1-2:3
Shared: 11/8/2006